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Page 149 of June 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 149, June 2014

Historic scene with... Gordon Cruickshank

Air power in action How Justin Maeers and his GN special lifted the Motor Sport Brooklands Trophy If on your way to a VSCC meeting you’re overtaken in a blast of noise by a spindly pointy-tailed cyclecar going unfeasibly quickly, chances are it has Justin Maeers at the wheel, winner of the 2013 Motor Sport Brooklands Memorial trophy. Maeers has been a GN addict for many years, and his current hit...

Page 139 of August 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 139, August 2014

Historic scene with... Gordon Cruickshank

Mammoth restoration Down in Avon something stirs – a lost Land Speed Record machine, Fiat’s 28-litre S76 The views from the barn are expansive, sweeping over the Avon valley. The views inside the barn are remarkable: ancient motorcycles on shelves, disembowelled cars with innards spread across the floor, and slung in a cradle fit for a shipyard a vast lump of metal, the magnetic core of our visit...

Page 25 of September 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, September 2004

Around the tracks

VSCC: Prescott Dean's Bugatti scorches to the top Charles Dean maintained his strong run of form to take FTD with his Bugatti Type 51 in the VSCC's traditional August hillclimb at Prescott The hugely popular event was blessed with glorious weather for all but the latter runs and, in spite of the increasingly damp and slippery conditions, Dean stopped the clock at 43sec on his second run to clip...

Page 81 of October 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 81, October 2000

Light-blue touchpaper

This 1908 Panhard was build for one purpose: To win a Grand Prix. It was as stunning then as a modern Formula One car is today. And the parallels don't end there, explains Paul Fearnley. A damn silly rinky-dink idea in the first place: stick some modem-day road-testing equipment on a 92-year-old grand prix car in a bid to explode a few myths about 'jalopies'. So there I was, fussing and fretting...

Page 112 of July 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 112, July 1997

VSCC Action at Colerne Sprint

The VSCC is getting on with a very full fixture-list, and it has occurred to me that whereas driver ability counts for more than the car in driving tests and to some extent in trials, at the Coleme sprint the reverse tends to apply, although I accept that a good start is all important. So I was delighted that at Colerne FTD was made by F T Morley with his 24-litre Napier-Bentley (24.74sec), with...

Page 92 of July 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, July 1996

THE VSCC at Curborough

On May 5 the VSCC, in a busy sprint period, had its annual event at Curborough, a venue the public likes, with its informal Paddock atmosphere and a course which, if it does not permit speeds as high as those attained at other sprints, has an easily viewable long curve and a tricky back-bend, as the cars run out and back to the start-line. In warm sunny weather, unusual so far this year, a good...

Page 76 of August 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, August 1994

Malvern cyclecars

These strange machines came in response to an appeal by VSCC member Bob Jones, who had hastily put together a typical example, with singlecylinder JAP engine, Sturmey-Archer gearbox, belt final drive, wire-and-bobbin steering and, would you believe, wooden front axle, track-rod and back springs. You wouldn't expect me to describe every one of the 600 plus cars in the main events, would you? Or...

Page 72 of May 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, May 1995

Building a Land-Zeppelin

Some notes on Roger Collings' 19-litre Mercedes-Maybach During the first years of the 1914/18 war the "Hun" zeppelins which bombed Britain were much feared. They could climb higher than our fighter aeroplanes could reach and so escape destruction. A typical German zeppelin would have six enormous Maybach motors in gondolas, driving the propellers with some 1400hp, with walkways around these...

Page 66 of September 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, September 1990

That Edwardian Race

The VSCC Edwardian race at the two-day Oulton Park Meeting last July aroused so much enthusiasm and favourable comment that I am encouraged to take another look at it. The entry was varied and excellent but could have been even more enjoyable. Of the big Edwardians which made such an impression when the VSCC first introduced them to spectators in 1936 some were missing. For instance, the 200hp...

Page 68 of May 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, May 1996

Silverstone VSCC

Although 'new' cars were thin on the ground at the VSCC's traditional April season-opener at Silverstone, there was a healthy entry for the eleven-race programme and some close-fought finishes. And after Friday's wash-out test day it was a relief to find Saturday 13th calm and sunny all day. A capacity field of 34 starters contested the Brooks 1950's Sports Car Race, with the front row of Frank...



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