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Page 27 of June 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, June 1953

Historical Notes: Brakes

The pioneer motorist, at least prior to 1900, regarded his brakes as being extremely important, but for a different reason from that which we should advance today. The roads of his day carried but a minute fraction of the present-day traffic, and the "routine slowing down" or the "emergency stop" of our day and generation were virtually unknown to him. Instead, he viewed with something...

Page 30 of May 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, May 1938


GERMANY: ITS ROADS AND ITS CARS MR. BRIAN G. ROBBINS, M.Sc., read his paper, "Sonic Impressions of Germany, Its Roads and Its Cars," before several Graduate Branches of the I.A.E. last February and March. As we are unlikely to have papers on the cars of France, Italy or Russia, this must be taken as completing the series of I.A.E. papers on the influence of national conditions on car design....

Page 42 of June 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, June 1983

An important trial

75 years ago  I have been reminded that it was 75 years ago this month that an important trial took place, which is usually regarded as having set the seal to the fame of the Laurence Pomeroy-designed 20 h.p. Vauxhall, which led on to his renowned Prince Henry, 30/98 and other desirable Luton-built motor cars. This was the RAC International Touring Car Trial of 1908, which covered nearly 2,000...

Page 18 of March 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, March 1938


NATIONAL INFLUENCES ON AMERICAN CAR DESIGN ON February 1st, Maurice (They, late of Messrs. Rolls-Royce, Ltd., and now with Messrs. Vauxhall Motors, Ltd., read his paper" National Influences on American Passenger-Car Design" before the I.A.E. It was a refreshing paper, digestible in the main by nontechnical mortals, and an interesting sequel to Maurice Platt's paper on British design influences,...

Page 92 of May 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, May 2006

Club magazines often contain valuable items

Club magazines often contain valuable items of motoring history. Recent examples include the very complete account of the Triumph copy of an Alfa Romeo 8C: the straight-eight Dolomite, by Derry Aust, in the Triumph OC magazine, and in the Riley Register Bulletin a study of Percy Riley's engine innovations from 1903, leading to the ingenious valve-gear of the Riley Nine and subsequent Rileys. The...

Page 14 of November 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, November 1948


SHOW-TIME REFLECTIONS THE Motor Slum is a time for letting one's enthushemls for the latest in automobile engitt cring and styling run riot and for taking stock of the technical progress made since the previous exhibition—held, in this instance, ten years ago. But as the highlights of the individual exhibits are dealt with at some length elsewhere in this Special Show Number of MOTOR SPORT, we...

Page 124 of November 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 124, November 1980


Book Reviews "An Addiction to Automobiles" by Maurice Platt. 198 pp. 9," x 6". (Frederick Warne Ltd., 40, Bedford Square, London, MB 311E. f12.50). This is a most welcome book. being, as the sub-tale says. the occupational autobiography of an engineer and journalist. Maurice Plan was well known to those who read the pre-war motor journals as Technical Editor of The Motor, before he relinquished...

Page 48 of January 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, January 1975

The Subtle Art of Fast Cornering

Editor Contemplates— The Subtle Art of Fast Cornering IT IS A curious facet of the human race that among quite a number of its younger generation there exists an almost fanatical desire to be able to drive a motor car round a difficult corner faster than their fellow beings. This competitive urge, when not fulfilled, can cause much distress and anguish. I experienced this motivation myself, but...

Page 19 of December 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, December 1942

Book reviews

Elements of Automobile Engineering. By Maurice Platt. (Pitman's.) 5/-. Described on its title page as "a general introduction to automobile engineering for students," this little book must certainly be classed as one of the best of its kind. To many readers its great merit will lie in the fact that it is not entirely an introduction; rather does it assume a reasonable knowledge of the general...

Page 92 of September 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, September 2000


The supercharger is enjoying an Indian Summer on road cars. Bill Boddy recalls when its shrill whine was the biggest noise in Motor Racing. Superchargers no longer figure in Formula One racing, the regulations now forbidding them. But at one period they were the dominant part of the grand prix scene. This form of power increase dates back to the dim ages of the internal combustion engine. Louis...



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