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Page 66 of August 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, August 1992

VSCC At Loton Park

Apart from continuing to use its other sprint venues, this year the VSCC had its first full-scale meeting, on June 21, at Loton Park, England's longest hillclimb course at 1478 yards. It is normally the preserve of the Hagley & District LCC, which invites the VSCC to its meetings. This delightful venue, on Sir Michael Leighton's Estate, takes one right back to pre-war days, as one enters...

Page 50 of December 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, December 1998

Hill Start

Phil Llewellin returns to the place where his motor-journalism career began and rediscovers hillclimbing's unique and timeless atmosphere. Accelerating like a clothyard arrow at Agincourt, McLaren's prodigiously potent F1 reaches 100mplh in less time than it takes to recite the opening lines of The Lord's Prayer. We are talking about 6.3 seconds. All things being relative, even that rate of...

Page 45 of May 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, May 1977

Loton Park Hill-Climb

The sport of synod hill-climbing, which remains largely an amateur undertaking, continues to flourish, encouraged by the RAC National Championship. Among the courses used is Loton Park, on the Shropshire estate of Sir Michael Leighton, Bt., which has the distinction of being the longest in England, at 1,475 yards. (Scotland can claim a longer course, at Doane.) Loton had its round of the RAC...

Page 55 of June 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, June 1981

Easter Audi

The Editor approves of the new 1.9-litre Audi Coupe which he used over the long holiday weekend My motoring "Easter-egg" this year was the new Audi Coupe, and very nice tool It turned out to be a very refined, eager, and withal a most economic car, in which to drive 1,200 miles over the Easter holiday. On the Good Friday we went in it to Oulton Park, hoping to see how Stirling Moss would fare in...

Page 73 of August 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 73, August 1993

VSCC at Loton Park

Loton Park hill-climb has much in its favour. The course is 1478 yards long, with six interesting bends joined by long straights, one of which is downhill. The venue is Sir Michael Leighton's estate near Shrewsbury, the grass Paddock and carparks redolent of the carefree speed trials of pre-war times. The preserve of the Hagley & D L C C, the Vintage SCC is now very much at home there. Their...

Page 95 of October 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 95, October 1998


At the annual Brooklands Society reunion the Napier-Railton was the major attraction, and 13 genuine ex-Brooklands cars and three ex-BMCRC motorcycles were present, most of them in action. * * * Chris Taylor, the A7 Sports Registrar, points out that the car shown in a picture accompanying my article on the Experts Trial is Speedy No4 of this production model, loaned by the works to RJ Richardson...


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Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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