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Page 31 of February 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, February 1939

Continental Notes and News

Co 611.nenta_ Notez and. Newa Round the Rally Opinions about the Monte Carlo Rally seem to be rather divided. Many people have an idea that it was not quite the success it has been in previous years, especially the general atmosphere at the finish. Others say the reason is that the novelty of the thing has worn off for regular competitors, and that therefore you cannot expect them to be quite so...

Page 33 of June 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, June 1976

Around and about

Living in a Grandstand There's something rather special about taking afternoon tea in the comfort and shelter of your own home as a posse of Formula One cars blares past just yards from your window. Revelling in the warmth of gas central heating as other fans shiver in the biting wind blowing across the wastes of the old Silverstone airfield. Then, as the wind drops and the sun peers shyly...

Page 128 of December 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 128, December 2007

Bill Boddy

The American Rolls-Royces R-R’s early Stateside history is intriguing and its reputation disputed I have no compunction about discussing Rolls-Royces, those ‘Best Cars in the World’, in Motor Sport, because those who regard them as non-sports cars have overlooked the Derby Bentleys, which, for example, gave Eddie Hall very impressive results in the Ards TT races, etc. Those same people may have...

Page 3 of September 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, September 1949

Matters of Moment

The B.R.D.C./"Daily Express" International Trophy Meeting Quite the most important thing which happened in British racing last month was the great International Trophy Meeting at Silverstone for 500-c.c. sports and Formula 1 Grand Prix cars, organised by the British Racing Drivers' Club in conjunction with the Daily Express newspaper. We have often stated in Motor Sport that if motor-racing is to...

Page 11 of March 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, March 1952

Allard wins the Monte Carlo Rally for Britain

Sunbeam-Talbot 2nd. Simca Sport 3rd. Class Winners Comprise Dyna-Panhard, Volkswagen and Simca Sport. Mrs Molander (Saab) takes Coupe des Dames. Mike Couper's MkVI Bentley wins Concours de Confort Prix d'Honneur. Weather conditions for this year's Monte Carlo Rally were tough, and it is therefore with the maximum of satisfaction that we record how British cars and crews won through. Sydney Allard...

Page 42 of October 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, October 1997

Green Goddess

One of the stars of this summer's COYS historic festival, the Talbot 105 is one of Britain's most underrated sportscars. Matthew Franey samples a little bit o history in this remarkable car One wet afternoon in 1934, three apple-green sportscars cruised into Munich, their mud-spattered occupants smiling broadly as they pulled into the city's impressive stadium. There, with the red and black...

Page 7 of May 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, May 1943

The second Motor-Racing Brains Trust

The second Motor-Racing Brains Trust went off successfully at the Rembrandt Rooms on March 28th, and every credit is due to Messrs. Capon, Rivers-Fletcher and Peter Clark for organising it. The 150 tickets which were available were all sold, and everybody who is anybody in our world who could attend did so. At the luncheon preceding the brains session, Capt. A. W. Philips was in the chair. Rivers...

Page 27 of February 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, February 1950


PICTORIAL REVIEW THE 26th M.C.C. EXETER TRIAL and THE 1950 MONTE CARLO RALLY MONTE CARLO RALLY STOP PRESS REPORT THE GLASGOW START by DAVID SCOTT-MONCRIEFF 4.,„.„„„•,, ,taltilia .611. Takit,g ,itni.-1; poll or hal( a dozen compel' Iti‘S than foul,t ha, the votalerstil moat pat on it,„ s,„1 *1111, ,va!:1111•IitlifrAY a SI '".r,i rh. iniri tai.sor. Thi,, year it was. Mit el. mum, ni past Mar eNaell...

Page 7 of March 1951 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, March 1951


MATTERS OF MOMENT THE MONTE CARLO RALLY Another highly successful Monte Carlo Rally has come and gone, and it has done no harm at all to British prestige. Indeed, outright victory in the 11-litre class by the Jowett Jupiter team is a matter for national congratulation. The Jupiter impressed with its class win at Le Mans last year, and its Rally success proves it a very worthy WI-rounder,...

Page 11 of March 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, March 1942


CARS I HAVE OWNED iCapt. Leslie Seyd, who was co-driver to the late Humphrey Symons on his record run to Timbuctoo, recalls a wide variety of cars and an active competition career.—Ed.1 MY motoring days started at the age of 18 when I was living in France. My first car, purchased in Reims in 1926, at francs 240 to the X, was an 11-h.p. Panhard-Levassor open 4-seater, which had done about. 1,500...



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