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Page 35 of September 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, September 1983

Interview: Terry Hoyle

Unlike their racing counterparts, rallying's engine builders rarely receive recognition for their labours. It's hard to pin down the exact reason, but probably the situation isn't helped by the factory-based rally teams. In the "assemblatore" world of single-seater racing, the choice of engine builders and power units themselves is wide and varied. It's a buyers' market. Rallying has never got to...

Page 59 of September 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 59, September 2002

The right track?

The right track? HENRI TOIVONEN CHARMING, FUN, AND SOARING star of the rally world. Youngest-ever winner of the RAC, unafraid of the brutal Delta S4, he was a future world champion until Lancia's outlandish Gp B pacesetter claimed his life, and his co-driver's, in 1986. The loss of this popular, personable man scrapped Gp B overnight. Henri would not have mourned it. For that wasn't where he had...

Page 38 of August 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, August 1984

Book reviews

"Audi Quattro — the development & competition history" by Jeremy Walton. 267 pp. 10 in 6½ in (Haynes Publishing Group, Sparkford, YeoviI, Somerset BA22 7JJ. £14.95). I had been wondering what had happened to Jeremy Walton until this near-topical, comprehensive book by him all about the controversial Audi Quattro arrived for review. The story is excellently told, acknowledging help given by...

Page 100 of December 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 100, December 2011

The flame still burns

Ten years ago the late Richard Burns became England's only World Rally Champion. He's not forgotten, as our very personal road trip showed In many ways, it feels like more than just 10 years have passed since Richard Burns won the 2001 World Rally Championship — the helmet he wore looks impossibly fragile, for instance, while his old overalls appear to offer the fire protection of a kimono. It...

Page 62 of November 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, November 1983

Ferrari's 3-Litre Road Recipe

Twenty Years of Change It’s only when one spends a day with two cars from the same manufacturer, built a couple of decades apart, that one fully realises just how that manufacturer has to adapt suits changing role within the market place. Take Ferrari for instance. 20 years ago, Maranello's road cars were distinctively elitist in a manner which suggested scant acknowledgement of the fact that...

Page 69 of April 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 69, April 2003

Over crest, oversteer & over here

Today rallying's biggest names only hit Britain for one event. But the stars used to be regular visitors thanks to the British Open Championship. John Davenport recalls the days when overseas heroes played in our backyard Once upon a time, when the World Rally Championship was very young, there was a national championship that played the Prince to its King. That 'WRC 2' — as it might have been...

Page 61 of March 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, March 1987

Rallycourse 1986-87

Rallycourse 1986-87 edited by Mike Greasley. 176 pp. (Hazleton Publishing, 3 Richmond Hill, Richmond, Surrey. £17.95) This fifth edition of the large-format rally annual is probably the best yet. 110 stunning colour photographs by Reinhard Klein, a short and pithy account of each rally by editor Greasley, considered technical articles including a detailed specification of all WRC cars, plus...

Page 48 of July 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, July 1981

Around and About

"Racing for Britain"; support for promising young drivers Under the laudable new scheme "Racing for Britain", whereby motor racing enthusiasts throughout the country subscribe money to support promising new drivers, more than £18,000 has been raised since the project got under way at the beginning of April. A panel of journalists, including Mike Greasley, editor of our sister publication Motoring...

Page 62 of April 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, April 1988


edited by Mike Greasley. 121/2"x91/2" I76pp. (Haselton Publishing, 3 Richmond Hill, Richmond, Surrey TW10 6RE, £19.95.) For as near as damn-it twenty quid, the baby brother of Autocourse has precious little meat on it. Fortunately the vegetables are as gorgeous as ever! Published as it has to be when one season of rallying is over and the next already getting into its stride, it is hardly...

Page 10 of May 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, May 1999

Quattro View

Malcolm Wilson took Mike Greasley as co-driver on the RAC Rally There is little doubt that no other current rally car creates as much interest, or in some areas controversy, as the Audi Quattro. The most technically advanced car to grace the World Championship until the arrival of the GpB Lancia Rally, the GpB Quattro is the car on which the majority of (rich) aspiring drivers would like to get...


December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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