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Page 54 of July 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, July 2010

"He could charm the birds from the trees"

Colin Chapman was a brilliant engineer and a shrewd businessman. But as a new book tells us, the Lotus boss knew how to get what he wanted from people, and it was one key to his successBy Karl Ludvigsen 'His persona is ebullient, buzzing, fast-moving, joke-cracking,’ wrote Robert Heller about Colin Chapman, ‘but for all that outwardness the personal armour is difficult to pierce and the man is...

Page 45 of April 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, April 1970


RACING CARS ARE BIG BUSINESS THERE WAS a time when anyone who wanted to buy a racing car went along to see a designer laid down the general principles of the car he wanted, paid over a large sum of money, and his car (if he was lucky) was delivered to him in due course. As in so many other aspects of racing, things are different now and buying a racing car is very little more complicated than...

Page 85 of November 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 85, November 2002

Aussie rules

No-one defined the Australian racing driver better than Jonesy – acerbic wit but also self-deprecating humour, gritty determination and fairness in the heat of battle. He talks to Adam Cooper about his career of surprises "For me, racing was very much a natural progression," says Alan Jones. "I remember Dad used to let me take the odd Monday off school so I could go and watch him race. And as far...

Page 40 of August 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, August 1971

Tyre news

Avon are promoting their well-known Wide Safety GT low profile cross-ply tyres, "a standard production tyre equally at home on road or track" by offering a free Avon GT-shirt free with each purchase, these shirts being intended to tie up with a new publicity bloke called the Avon-GT man—"the everyday man in whom the hidden beast is unleashed when he drives on high performance Avon Wide Safety GTs...

Page 40 of May 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, May 1964

Easter Race Meetings

Brands Hatch The first public race meeting held at Brands Hatch this year was on a damp and cold Easter Monday, the B.R.S.C.C.'s programme consisting of nine races, mostly for small sports-racing cars, GT cars and small saloons. The main race of the day was for the Oxfam Trophy, and was not very exciting—Tomlinson's Brabham won from Berrow-Johnston's 1,098-c.c. Lotus, which had led for eight of...

Page 64 of December 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, December 2007

Lunch With... Emerson Fittipaldi

The Brazilian star looks back on two championship-winning careers, in Formula 1 and CART racing By Simon Taylor The Hamilton phenomenon has rewritten the Formula 1 record books. But Lewis’s meteoric progress doesn’t diminish the achievements, 37 years ago, of a Brazilian tyro called Emerson Fittipaldi. Emerson was already 22 when he arrived in a cold, unwelcoming England in February 1969. Two...

Page 35 of April 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, April 1972

They Make Racing Cars- Group Racing Developments

Last summer saw a surprise turn at Lotus when Colin Chapman announced the departure from the main board, and from his position as Managing Director of Lotus Racing Ltd, of Mike Warner. Exactly two years ago Motor Sport published an article about Warner and the subsidiary, then known as Lotus Components Ltd, which told of a happy future for Lotus as a manufacturer of customer racing cars. Things...

Page 59 of June 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 59, June 1972

Around and about

Comment on the Racing and Club SceneWorld Motor Sport Tour Last month we gave readers brief details of the around the World tour being offered exclusively to Motor Sport readers by Worldmark Travel Ltd. Negotiations for this exciting trip were only just complete as we went to press and we now have further details available. First, there is the fantastic 30-day itinerary which covers such varying...

Page 32 of November 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, November 1971

Around and about: comment on the racing and club scene

On the Can-Am trail While in North America last month for the Canadian and US Grands Prix I was lucky enough to have a week in between the two World Championship races to spend my time as profitably as possible. Looking through the American calendar I realised I had the choice of the USAC race at Trenton, New Jersey, or the Can-Am race at Edmonton way over in Western Canada. It was a hard...

Page 72 of June 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, June 2004

Up in smoke

Aussie battler Dave Walker shone bightly in 1971 aboard a Gold Leaf Lotus Formula Three car. But when he stepped up to Formula one with the team and John Player Special, it all turned black. Michael Oliver finds out why... "I will never forget it even though it only lasted six laps before the thing blew up. Instead of cars going past me on the straights, I was actually able to pull up alongside...



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