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Page 28 of July 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, July 1957

The A.D.A.C. 1,000-Kilometre Race—Nurburgring

Aston Martin's Greatest Victory Adenau, May 26th. With a race of the nature of the 1,000-kilometres at Nurburgring the practice periods are more in the nature of proving and testing periods than practice as applied to a Grand Prix race. The Nurburgring, with its 22.81 kilometres of twists and turns, demands the utmost from drivers and cars, and a race over 1,000 kilometres requires careful...

Page 43 of April 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, April 1934


A CHEAPER M.G. MAGNETTE THE `!1•1". TYPE WITH 1250 cc. ENGINE LAST year the M.G. range of small sixes included the 1,100 c.c. Magnette with a full four-stater body, and the Magna range with a similar engine in a small chassis. For 1934 the Magna range except for the Continental coupe has been discontinued and in its place is found the " N" Magnette series. A 1,250 c.c. engine is used and the...

Page 3 of August 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, August 1990

Petrol Problems

The rich petroleum industry, automatically associated with tough 'oil barons' in the Ewing image, palatial office premises, and understandable jealousy over brand names, has a lucrative customer in the world's vehicle users. In the main, it can be said that it has served us well. Even before it saw the enormous profits that could be earned it made it possible for autocarists to buy the essential...

Page 24 of May 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, May 1948

Club News

We hear... Flt.-Lt. Protheroe now has his Type 37 Bugatti on the road after its major "blow-up" at the 1947 Gransden meeting. It now has full-pressure lubrication, and new valve end-caps of KE 226 and its owner uses it as a completely reliable hack, finding its performance distinctly refreshing after ownership of a F.I.A.T. 500 and a 4-1/2-litre Bentley. He also has the ex-Marcus Chambers' single...

Page 13 of September 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, September 1955

Continental Notes

At the recent Lisbon meeting there was a race which, though dominated by Porsche Spyders, contained some interesting locally-built "specials." Portugal is a remote country, isolated from the centre of motor-racing by the vast open spaces of Spain, so a close look round some of the amateur ideas about building sports cars for competition was most interesting. Many of them had strange personal...

Page 17 of April 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, April 1949

Britain is Supreme in International Motor-Cycle Racing

C. Posthumus reminds us that Britain is Supreme in International Motor-Cycle Racing A survey of our past and present success in the Two-Wheeler Field, in which, for example, since the Kaiser War British motor-cycles have won the 500-c.c. French Grand Prix no fewer than sixteen times. In search of a distinctive British motor-racing feat, we can quote Segrave's victory with the Sunbeam in the 1923...

Page 33 of March 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, March 1935

Mille Miglia News.

Mile Miglia News. The Mille Miglia continues to be the finest sports car race in the world. NO finer test of men and machines has yet been devised, and its single lap of 1.000 miles puts it above all other races of this category. Very little alteration is being made this year, either in the circuit or the regulations. The King of Italy has graciously presented a gold medal, which will be awarded...

Page 29 of November 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, November 1953

The Final Club Silverstone Meeting of 1953

N. Staffs M.C. Run Many Well-Supported Races October 10th, one of the lovely autumn days which we enjoyed in the early part of this month, saw the North Staffs M.C. holding the last of the Club Silverstone Meetings of 1953. Very large fields were a feature of almost all the races but, notwithstanding, the meeting terminated just after 4 p.m., having commenced at 11.30 a.m. The seven-lap scratch...

Page 4 of October 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, October 1943

Cecil Clutton crystal gazes

In this extremely erudite and absorbing article Cecil Clutton does his share of gazing into the future – a habit which excellent war-news encourages. His suggested designs have their claims carefully explained, and Clutton also offers us a new basis of comparing existing sports cars. – Ed. I spent a day of my last leave stirring up my motoring file with a slide rule, with a view to ascertaining...

Page 28 of March 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, March 1935


MASERATI RACING CARS FOR 1935 INDEPENDENTLY-SPRUNG V 8 HEADS LIST OF NINE MODELS -FURMANIK'S RECORD BREAKING 1100 cc. CAR. By COUNT G. LURAN1 CERNUSCHI. VERSATILITY has always been the watchword of the Maserati factory, as for instance those original the 2.5-litre conceptions, the 2.5-litre model of 1930, which gained such success on its entry to Italian Grand Prix Races, the tremendously fast 16...



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