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Page 40 of December 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, December 1973

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters ⁂ Sir, In reference to Harry Hawker's Mercedes-Sunbeam aero engined special — you say that after Hawker's death in 1921 the car disappeared. Well, not according to an article in the Riley Record of July 1934. I quote: "a representative of the Riley Record recently discovered what must be one of the biggest cars in everyday use, the car which is the property of...

Page 69 of March 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 69, March 1980


Lord Thomas of Remenham  Lord Thomas of Remenham, formerly Sir Miles Thomas, died last month, at the age of 82. With his passing goes one of the great formulators of the British Motor Industry in pre-war and post-war times and one of the world's most visionary airline executives. After service in the RFC in the First World War, Thomas joined Temple Press, working on the editorial side of The...

Page 40 of January 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, January 1969

Books for the New Year

"Conquerors Of The Air"", by Heiner Emde. 204 pp. 12 in. x 10¼ in. (Patrick Stephens Ltd., 9, Ely Place, London, E.C.1. 190s.) This is a lavishly produced history of aeroplane evolution from 1903 to 1945, published by Edita, of Lausanne, who are responsible for "Automobile Year". It is a book which contains fine colour plans and action drawings; the illustrations are by Carlo Demand. The...

Page 49 of January 1985 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, January 1985

The Speed-Model Hillman

The period immediately following the end of the First World War was remarkable for the number of cars, especially small cars, which appeared on the market endowed with sporting bodywork, whereas before the war there were comparatively few such offerings available to ordinary customers. In the first half of the 1920s there was a flood of them and W.O. Bentley was working on his 3-litre Bentley,...

Page 66 of April 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, April 1978

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters The 1914 Grand Prix Opels We have received the following letter from Mr. N. Mavrogordato bearing on the recent article and subsequent correspondence on these cars. Sir, Since many people have shown much interest in the 1914 Grand Prix Opel story, I venture once again to write to you about them. I enclose a most interesting letter, which I have received front T...

Page 31 of March 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, March 1965

Cars in books

I still continue to come upon references to cars in the most unlikely places, even in that book about the theatre "What I Have Had," by Harold Bridgehouse (Harrap, 1953). Writing of the jazz age of the nineteen-twenties, the author observes "I was, and am, prejudiced against cars," but condescendingly observes that they have their uses, remarking "For instance, to note in Wales tyre-tracks on...

Page 20 of June 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, June 1952

New Dellows

The Dellow, built near Birmingham and deriving its name from those of KC Delingpole and RD Lowe who sponsor it, has achieved widespread popularity as a trials car, notably in the hands of Walter Waring, who runs his in somewhat modified form, known as a WHW Dellow. Recently two new models have been added to the Dellow range, the MkII and the MkIII. The MkII is similar to the MkI, but has a new...

Page 25 of April 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, April 1964

Fragments on Forgotten Makes

No. 27—The Autovia The Autovia was conceived from Victor Riley's desire to produce a luxury car. He wanted to keep this apart from the Riley Motor Co.'s products and in 1935 sent Gordon Marshall to ask C. M. Van Eugen whether he would undertake the task. Van Eugen, now retired and living in Stoke Park, Coventry, to whom I talked about the Autovia, came to this country from Holland, when that...

Page 23 of April 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, April 1948

Club News

We Hear Barry Eaglesfield has disposed of the ex-Birkett Type 40 Bugatti and acquired a Type 37, which he has fitted with a Morris Minor tank, S.U. pump, 5.50 in. by 18 in. rear tyres and a folding seat in a new tail, the original 30-gallon tank and tail having been disposed of to Major Cree for a "special" he is building. Major Cree runs a 2-litre Lagonda. Eaglesfield has a Type 40 instruction...

Page 115 of October 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 115, October 1980

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A SECTION DEVOTED TO OLD CAR MATTERS Talking with Ernest Siddeley MR. ERNEST Siddeley, younger son of Sir John Davenport Siddeley (later the Rt. Hon. Lord Kenilworth OBE, FRAeS), talked to me the other day about Armstrong Siddeley Motors of Coventry, which made fine motor-cars, "to aero-engine standards", from 1919 to 1960. The first of these cars was the massive 30 h.p. model, which was based on...



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