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Page 20 of July 1945 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, July 1945


Sir, I was extremely interested in Capt. Moon's article on "Diesel Engines for Sports Cars," as I have had considerable experience of compression ignition power units in road vehicles. I have always understood that, owing to the fine limits to which fuel pumps and injectors have to be made, the cost of the injection apparatus alone is almost as much as that of a comparable petrol engine. The...

Page 20 of September 1945 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, September 1945

Letters from Readers

Sir, I should like to thank Mr. Crowley Milling for his correction to my article on the point of the effect of gyroscopic action on tilting wheels. His figures strongly reinforce my conclusion that the swing-axle system is quite unsuitable for front suspension on fast cars, but dispose of what I had believed was a major objection to its use at the rear, and so help to explain why the extremely...

Page 19 of November 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, November 1943

Letters from readers

Sir, Is it possible for you to enquire of Motor Sport readers whether any official photographs or snapshots are available of a Shelsley hybrid called the Shipton Special? I should be pleased to cover any charges involved. I am, Yours, etc., Conrad Shipton (Lieut. (A.), R.N.V.R.) R.A.C. London, S.W.1. [Please write direct. The Shipton Special comprised a "23/60" Vauxhall engine in a Coventry...

Page 20 of May 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, May 1944


Sir, Capt. Moon's preference for a beat reservoir rather than a true radiator surprises me, but he is, of course, entitled to his own tastes, and if he doesn't mind a prolonged warming-up period and the possibility of ultimate boiling under adverse air-speed conditions, well and good. A lot depends on what the car is to be used for. It would probably be highly satisfactory under purely racing...

Page 9 of June 1941 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, June 1941

Club news

750 CLUB Attendance was as good as ever at the 750 Club's meeting at the Ashdown Park Hotel in May. This time members met for tea, and a brief communal run took place afterwards. Amongst those present were Secretary Hunter and Mrs. Hunter, with a borrowed Arrow Austin, just about to leave on war duties at a Far Place; H. L. Biggs in his red Fiat 500; Fisher and Mrs. Fisher in a Raleigh tricycle...

Page 22 of March 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, March 1944


Sir, I have just received a parcel of motoring papers, including your September issue, and after reading the very interesting proposals of Capt. Moon, I feel the urge to put my own ideas on paper and also ask your advice. First, I must explain that my proposed design is to be actually built " apres," and so certain ideals have had to be subordinated to considerations of likely availability and, I...

Page 7 of September 1945 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, September 1945

Cars I Have Owned

A. G. Sanderson writes of his motorcycles and cars and, in particular, of some rather hot M.G.s—Ed. Like dozens of other enthusiasts, my brother and I started off on two wheels, our first mount being a 1922 Coulson Blackburn motor-cycle. This machine, which cost us the gigantic sum of 10s., had a spring frame, two-speed gearbox and belt drive, but no clutch. To take off, one selected bottom gear...

Page 19 of January 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, January 1944


I am taking the liberty of writing and thanking you for keeping Nkyron SPORT in circulation, in spite of the fact that the Sport as such ceases to exist except on paper ; the fact that you have managed to maintain the paper in its original quality in these difficult times, when practically everything is in short supply, reflects great credit on you and your staff. When I left the IJ.K. nearly...

Page 67 of May 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 67, May 1960


MOSS—A CAR BREAKER ? Sir, May I add comment to Sgt. Moon's letter published in your April issue. I myself ant it keen folhmer Id the Sport. especially with regard to the career of Al r. Stirling MOSS. and 1 find your magazitte exeellent lot unbiased reports. May f be permitted to suggest that Moss rhange his tat ties in the following manner. For the first laps, say one-third of the rare, he holds...

Page 22 of June 1941 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, June 1941

Stop press news

750 CLUB RALLY On June 8th the 750 Club, now under the sponsorship of Capon and Birkett, held a half-day rally at the Ely Hotel on Hartford Bridge Flats. The afternoon was devoted to a simple competition and those present were: Capon's Riley saloon; Mrs. Cowell’s "1,100" Fiat saloon; Gilbert's Meadows H.R.G.; Gordon Woods's Frazer-Nash; Mrs. Birkett's 1932-3 style Austin Seven saloon with three-...



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