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Page 16 of December 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, December 1960

Books for Christmas reading

"Lost Causes of Motoring," by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. 224 pp. 8-3/4 in. x 5-5/8in. (Cassell and Company, Ltd., 35, Red Lion Square, London. W.C.1. 30s.) In the positive flood of motoring books which have marked the fading of an eventful 1960 a very few stand out from the others and are worth acquiring at all costs, even if this means buying them. Such a book is "Lost Causes of Motoring," the...

Page 33 of August 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, August 1975

Around and About

Mundy's Marvel Since the days of the 3.8 Mk. IIs, Jaguar saloons have grown into rather more "luxury" than "sporting" carriages: the performance is there still, but the cars are somewhat softer in character and often cushioned by automatic transmission. That is particularly true of the XJ12, which has potentially formidable saloon-car performance blunted by its compulsory Borg-Warner Model 12...

Page 60 of December 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, December 1992

MCC trials in the vintage years

As the MCC Edinburgh Trial took place last October and as I have dealt previously with the vintage Land's End and Exeter trials (Motor Sport, April 1990 and February 1991 respectively), it seems time to do the same for the London-Edinburgh trial of this old and much-respected club, which was formed as long ago as 1901. The "Edinburgh" was the first long-distance event the MCC organised, back in...

Page 14 of May 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, May 1935


A Pressman's Holiday. IHAVE often thought how interesting it would be to have a register of all the old sports and racing cars in England with a history behind them. London would probably be the richest hunting ground and there must be several hunft.ed stowed away in mews and garages within ten mile 7 of Charing Cross. Last month I was told that the two Brescia Bugattis which Raymond Mays used to...

Page 32 of January 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, January 1956


()then, ise. the IAN l' design was hillom,ed, tin. combustion chamber layout of Nyhieh had far exceeded expectations. %slide I he sump was already of light alloy, although it was made slidttly la 101 Hie Siang l'ar yen:inn, and the oil-pump capacity was increased by 50 per cent.. a float-type oil filter being provided for the wimp and the sump suitably baffled to obviate surge of the lubricant....

Page 36 of January 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, January 1972

On the road with the V12 E-type Jaguar

New 5.3-litre engine endows the familiar fast touring car with excellent and effortless acceleration and high speed cruising. A report on the Series-3 2+2 coupé. Last year the long-awaited twelve-cylinder engine was introduced by Jaguar as an alternative to their celebrated twin-cam in-line six-cylinder power unit which has powered so many of their outstanding motor-cars, from sober saloons to...

Page 39 of January 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, January 1959

Luxury and high-performance from 1-1/2- litres

The Remarkable Borgward Isabella Coupé There is a growing demand for a car which, although luxuriously appointed and pleasing to look upon, has an engine in keeping with the  requirements of those owners who do not enjoy paying big bills for fuel which an unimaginative government taxes, in this country, at 2s. 6d. per gallon. When such requirements are met in an economical 1-1/2-litre car which,...

Page 24 of December 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, December 1965

The Leonardo Da Vinci Lecture

It is gratifying to know that attendance at the tenth annual Leonardo da Vinci Lecture of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the title of which was " Motor Racing—a Challenge to the Engineer." delivered by Harry Mundy of Jaguar Cars Ltd, and Peter Spear of Rubery Owen & Co. Ltd., was a record, for London, more than 700 people coming to the morning and afternoon sessions. The lecture is...

Page 60 of November 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, November 1964

Fragments on forgotten makes

No. 29—The Deemster The Deemster was one of the many makes of light car which was in production for some years after the First World War but which faded away through no fault of its own. I am indebted to V.S.C.C. member Malcolm Jeal, who runs an Austin Seven Chummy, for an introduction to Mr. G. E. Hester, who was Works Manager of the Ogston Motor Company (5901) Ltd., which made Deemster cars,...

Page 30 of March 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, March 1965

Book reviews

"Autocourse--1963/64."Edited by Bill Gavin. 236 pp. 12-5/8 in. x 9-3/8 in. (Autocourse Publications, Ltd., Room 14, 60, Great Russell Street, London,W.C.1. 50s.) This annual publication, taken over from a journal which found itself unable to maintain the high ideals of producing a supplement giving detailed racing results with lap times for every car throughout each race, carries on this noble...



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