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Page 138 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 138, July 2014

One giant leap

The space race wasn’t limited to matters extra-terrestrial. Some of the technology was having a significant impact on race tracks around the worldWriter Paul Fearnley Jackie Stewart, his luxuriant hair and sideburns bang on-trend, won a thrilling 1969 British Grand Prix in a car devised by rocket scientists.  The next day, buzz-cut Neil Armstrong – keeper of a Chevy Corvette leased from 1960 Indy...

Page 21 of March 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, March 2014

Gordon Kirby

Less rubber, more spectacle Nigel Bennett enjoyed a long career designing Formula 1 and Indycars. Starting in the 1970s as an F1 Firestone tyre engineer, he worked at Lotus, Ensign (1981 Dutch GP, above) and Theodore before turning his hand to Indycars with Lola. After producing a few successful Lolas, Bennett was hired by Roger Penske and through the late ’80s and ’90s he designed a series of...

Page 21 of February 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, February 2014


Grand Prix Zandvoort Mark Koense Some of the content will be familiar, following our extensive photographic preview in last November’s issue, but the finished product is perhaps even better than we’d dared hope. The book commences with some early circuit sketches and morphs via an entertaining letter from Sammy Davis (after conducting a track inspection, he urged the circuit developers to have no...

Page 46 of February 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, February 2010

Pride of the Penske gene Pool

This all-American racer was the final winning car built for the US team in Dorset. It wasn’t the most successful Penske, but its explosive acceleration still exhilaratesBy Andrew Frankel It takes time for certain cars to assume their place in history. Cars that achieve firsts are easy to recognise and remember, for their importance is clear to see from the moment they achieve their fame. But what...

Page 58 of March 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, March 2001

Brabham BT46B

Even in a year dominated by the Lotus 79, Gordon Murray's fan car stood out as outrageously inventive solution to a specific Brabham problem. But it couldn't last What impressed me about Gordon Murray's Brabham fan car was the sheer bravery of it. The year before, Lotus had the 78 which rather bowled everybody over and people were slow to copy it, though everybody made some sort of effort. I was...

Page 38 of October 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, October 1983

Notes on the cars at Zandvoort

Williams: The official announcement in Austria that Frank Williams had concluded a deal with the Honda Motor Company of Tokyo to use their engines for 1984, with an experimental probe into the realms of turbo-charged power for the remainder of this season, was welcomed by everyone. It was just over a year ago that Frank Williams disappeared on the Saturday afternoon of the Dutch Grand Prix and...

Page 33 of April 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, April 1983

Notes on the cars in Brazil

The results of the six months testing and development carried out by the teams since the last race of 1982, was clearly seen in the Brazilian paddock, with new designs, revamped cars, engine installations, new colours, new names, new sponsors and an on. Not for a long time has a new season started with so much interest, occasioned partly by the new FISA rules banning under-car aerodynamics within...

Page 16 of June 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, June 1992

Spam in the can?

Or pie in the Sky? Of late the racing car has become an even higher percentage factor in determining the competitiveness of a team’s overall package. But has the recent intensive application of technology now created a situation where it has outstripped the drivers’ contribution to an unacceptable level? And what should be done for the future? Some things are new in motor racing. After he had...

Page 66 of November 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, November 1983

The South African Grand Prix

A Clean Sweep by Brabham Kyalami, Johannesburg, October 15th Under normal conditions the South African GP takes place at the beginning of the season and when the 1983 season was originally planned it was thus, but the agreed change in the Formula One rules that outlawed sliding side skirts and under-car aerodynamics for 1983 meant that there was a dire shortage of time before the South African...

Page 24 of October 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, October 1995

A man for all seasons

Contesting the Le Mans 24 Hours does not sound much like the common perception of 'retirement'. Even in the twilight of his career, Mario Andretti remains a case apart. Peter Dick engaged him in conversation The conditions were hot and terribly humid. I had been feeling uncomfortably sticky since before breakfast time. The man I was about to meet, however, was a marked contrast. Now 55 years old...



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