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Page 80 of June 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, June 1988

Book reviews

Fifty Famous Motor Racesby Alan Henry. 224 pp. 11" x 7½". (Thorsons Publishing Group Ltd, Denington Estate, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 2RQ. £16.95.) A nice idea, this, to remember fifty famous occasions - not necessarily superb contests but great events. Alan Henry has chosen races ranging from the 1935 German Grand Prix, when Nuvolari at his peak took victory for Alfa Romeo from under...

Page 116 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 116, July 2014

Three colours red

Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Ferrari flew the flag for Italy with elegant style – and success. How they did it, so rapidly after the ravages of war, is a remarkable tale grounded in politics and passionWriter Richard Williams Alfa Romeo’s team of cherry-red Tipo 158s took the first three places in the inaugural round of the Formula 1 world championship at Silverstone on May 13, 1950, with Nino Farina...

Page 26 of January 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, January 1934


1934 RACING CARS THE MONOPOSTO ALFA ROMEO TYPE B. FROM its first appearance in 1932, when Nuvolari won the Italian Grand Prix at an average speed of 104 m.p.h., the single-seater 2.6 litre AlfaRomeo " P.3" has carried all before it, and the works' drivers, Nuvolari, Borzacchini, Caracciola, and Campari were victorious in every event in which they took part. No monopostos were sold to private...

Page 49 of May 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, May 1975

The Monoposto Alfa Romeo

The Monoposto Alfa Romeo Sir, Your article on the Monoposto Alfa Romeo (MOTOR SPORT, March issue was most interesting, perhaps the following facts may help to complete the picture. I owned the .exGeorges Raph car and sold it to Mrs. Thomas, my profit being a pair of de Ram shock-ahsilrbers, which were subsequently fitted to the ex-Charlie Martin car. I bought from C. E. Martin his monoposto Alfa...

Page 19 of September 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, September 1933


pumblings 31441 The Napier-Railton. THE event of the month has undoubtedly been the performance of the Napier-Railton in the hands of John Cobb at Brooklands. Everyone has commented upon the unusual steadiness of the car on the track, but this is not so remarkable when one considers that the car was designed and built specially for track work. Very few cars are. The 4i litre Bentley was not even...

Page 17 of February 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, February 1933


k 130fitIERGES A Chance Encounter. GOOD fortune is all the more pleasing when it is unexpected. I was having dinner the other night with quite a large party, but during the meal had been placed between two rather unresponsive neighbours. After the ladies had left the room I got talking to a Russian who had been sitting further down the table, and asked him if he knew anything about the motoring...

Page 36 of April 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, April 1970


A GRAND PRIX has been held in South Africa since 1934, but in those days it was rather a local affair run on handicap; however, it always attracted a few European drivers as it was held at the end of the year in Europe's mid-winter, which is Africa's mid-summer. It was not until 1962 that the race achieved World Championship status, the race being run on the traditional East London circuit, which...

Page 41 of March 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, March 1961

The Trend of Racing Car Design

The period of motor racing which forms the basis for the discussion of design trends, as applicable to Grand Prix cars, in this article will live in history for two reasons. The years concerned were 1959 and 1960, and in that time there has been an almost complete swing to a basic layout where the engine is placed behind the driver, instead of in front of him, as in the previously accepted...

Page 19 of September 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, September 1935

Nuvolari the master

Classic victory in the German G.P. Von Brauchitsch’s proverbial bad luck. Disappointment of vast crowd There have been many examples of the glorious uncertainty of motor-racing, but none more striking than the last lap of the 1935 German Grand Prix. To the 250,000 spectators who lined the Nurburg Ring a German victory was a foregone conclusion, and yet Nuvolari snatched the lead from von...

Page 11 of September 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, September 1935

easy for ferrar

EASY FOR FERRARI Alfa-Romeos Fill First impresses The Critics Three Places At Nice. Shuttleworth The Alfa-Romeos of the Scudc.ria Ferrari gave as pretty an exhibition of superiority in the Nice G.P. as has ever been seen in motor-racing. True, they had no organised opposition to contend with, for one cannot really call the two Maseratis raced by Etancelin and Zehender a team. For the rest, the...



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