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Page 35 of January 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, January 1967

Cars in books

Last October I referred in this series to "En Route" in which Roy Trevor described three significant Continental tours undertaken in Edwardian times in a 70 h.p. Mercedes. In concluding, I mentioned that the author was contemplating a further tour and wondered whether it had formed the subject of another book. Stanley Sedgwick, President of the Bentley D.C., provided the answer, when he lent me "...

Page 100 of July 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 100, July 1984

Motoring as it was

A Look Back to the roads of the 1920s(Continued from the June issue) Continuing the saga of Owen John, the Crossley-owning motor-noter of 1923, we find him, after enthusing over the new Gwynne Eight, going, for his annual Easter tour, to glorious Devon, in splendid weather and a new Bean. This had a four-speed gearbox and O.J. waxed enthusiastic about that, saying he had never realised the value...

Page 106 of May 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 106, May 1984

Motoring as it was-

A section devoted to old car mattersA look back to the Roads of the 1920s LOOKING back at what motoring was like in the 1920s, through the eyes of motor-writer Owen John, we find him in the winter of 1922 expressing disgust at the heavy fines inflicted on motorists in Yorkshire, where one October morning 31 drivers were convicted of offences like not giving audible warning of approach, not having...

Page 75 of September 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 75, September 1988

The Roads of the 1920s

We have seen that in 1927 Owen John's diary was enthusing over the Cecil Kimber MG Super Sports, if not its name. This led him to remark that cars had become so reliable that owners, especially the young, took them for granted. His own big Rover saloon and Rover Nippy Nine were paragons of reliable running, but when a bright young thing of feminine gender left her car in OJ's coachhouse he took a...

Page 45 of June 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, June 1989

Veteran to classic

The roads of the 1920s We are coming close to the end of the Twenties, whose motoring life we have been recalling through the diary of journalist Owen John, and it was at the close of 1928 that OJ recalled how pioneer automobilism was far more of a problem for amateurs to take up than for those who, even at or before the turn of the century, had been brought up as professional engineers — men...

Page 19 of December 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, December 1966

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters BY CADILLAC TO BRIGHTON The Editor Co-Drives the Brighton Motor Museum's 1903 Model-A on the London-Brighton Veteran Car Run NO. not that sort of Cadillac! Since the war I have been able to drive veteran cars in the R.A.C./V.C.C. London-Brighton Run through the thoughtfulness.of Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, instead of just cadging a lift as I was obliged to do ...

Page 74 of June 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, June 1986

Roads in the 1920s

Continuing the saga of motoring-writer Owen John and his 1920s experiences, it is remarkable, looked at today, when the driving seats of most cars adjust in every possible way, and sometimes heat themselves as well that in 1925 it was found necessary to praise the 9/20 hp Rover Weymann saloon's adjustable front seat. But that was an age when closed cars were by no means universal and so O.J. was...

Page 84 of May 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 84, May 1986

Motoring As It Was

A Look Back to the Road of the 1920s (Continued from the March issue) Continuing the motoring saga of Owen John, automobilist (his own term) and motoring writer, we are reminded, for he told us himself, that just after the First World War had ended he had foreseen a great motor road going from the north of England to dip under the Channel by the tunnel, which was to set the seal on the World's...

Page 68 of November 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, November 1987

The Roads of the 1920s

We left Owen John enthusing over the 9/20 Rover, which resided with his own 16/50 Rover saloon, and which recalled summer Sunday runs from London to the seaside, to Brighton and Eastbourne chiefly, which were a feature of motoring in vintage times. I still remember, long before I had a driving licence or a car, how jealous I felt of a friend taken only as far as Burnham Beeches, but in a twin-cam...

Page 11 of January 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, January 1963

The Fiat 2300

Luxury, Sumptuous Appointments and 100 m.p.h. All for £1,263 ITALIAN CAR, ENGLISH VILLAGE.— The Fiat 2300 outside the thatched Post Office at Lasham in Hampshire, which will no doubt be remembered by personnel posted to Airfield during the Second World War. HAVING to write this last-minute road-test report on the eve of the Festive Season, I was reminded irresistibly of those parodies of motor...



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