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Page 36 of July 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, July 2003

America's all action hero

'He truly never met a race car that he didn't like. All US racing was clamped in an AJ Foyt stranglehold' Detractors of America's all-action hero point to his rare European forays. But Joe Scalzo argues that Foyt did enough at home to be classed a true great It was a great racing civilisation that America had going for itself in the mid-1960s, and certainly its highlight was getting to watch A J...

Page 92 of September 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, September 2002

'johnny found himself in a shallow creek bed with both arms pulverised from the effects of three wailing end- over- end'

:Johnny found himself in a shallow creek bed with both arms pulverised from the effects of three wailing end-over-ends' JOHNNY RUTHERFORD CHEATED DEATH TWICE. BUT HIS SUCCESSES IN THE INDY 500 OWED LITTLE TO LUCK: HE WAS SIMPLY SCINTILLATING WHEN IT MATTERED MOST JOE SCALZO PROFILES A TEXAN WHO CONQUERED THE BRICKYARD THREE TIMES SPECTATORS AT THE 47m INDIANAPOLIS 500 back in 1974 had the choice...

Page 73 of July 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 73, July 1998

The Professional

Mark Donohue was not simply quick, his approach to racing changed the sport. Sam Posey, his friend, rival and team-mate, remembers his too short life. Twenty six years ago, on May 28, 1972, a driver with a degree in mechanical engineering from Brown University won the Indianapolis 500. His name was Mark Donohue. It was a time of change, a time when technology was transforming the American racing...

Page 88 of June 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 88, June 2001

'The Mad Russian'

Bill Vulkovich was heading for a hat-trick of Indy 500 wins when his Offy roadster flipped end over end. The death of this enigmatic poor kid from California sent shock waves through the Paddock, because everybody wanted to be like him. But, says Joe Scalzo, there was only one Jan Opperman spring car rebel, flower child and holy roller Christian minister with magic roaring out of his ears — was a...

Page 18 of April 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, April 1999

Legends - Parnelli Jones

It was in the fifties, as a kid, that I fell in love with racing, and it is no coincidence that my favourite GP car will always be Maserati's sublime 250F. That being so, if the best place for the engine is behind the driver, still a part of me feels that, at least from an aesthetic point of view, the right place for it is in front of him. Study a profile shot of a 'long nose' 1957 250F, and then...

Page 90 of March 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, March 1998

My Greatest Race

Mario Andretti Japanese Grand Prix, Fuji, 1976 All eyes were on the battle for the world title between James Hunt and Niki Lauda, but Mario Andretti's win put Lotus back on the winning track The race which was particularly exciting for me was probably my first Grand Prix win for Lotus in Japan in 1976. The weather conditions were dreadful, some of the drivers didn't want to race, but if you're on...

Page 44 of October 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, October 2002

Al mighty

Few racers have let their driving do their talking like Al Unser Snr. Despite winning the Indy 500 four times, he tends to shun publicity. But this modest hero spoke to David Malsher about his Brickyard brilliance The Penske team was in trouble. Firstly, its PC16 hadn't worked in the opening rounds of 1987, and now it faced the Indy 500, running year-old March 86Cs. Then, early in practice, Danny...

Page 26 of March 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, March 2004

Nigel Roebuck

Legends: A J Foyt As long as I can remember my feelings about A J Foyt have been equivocal. On the one hand, I revere him as one of the greatest racing drivers of all time; on the other, he seems sometimes to stand for everything one dislikes about the worst sort of American: brash, aggressive, fundamentally contemptuous of anything and anybody outside the US of A. A quote from Foyt's book: "I...

Page 90 of September 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, September 1999

Remembering the Shelby years - 1962-1969

By Dave Friedman ISBN 0-966 7798-94 Available from Chaters Motoring Booksellers (0181 568 9750), £69.95 (signed by the author and Carroll Shelby), £49.99 unsigned. If John Cooper and the late Colin Chapman were pre-eminent race car builders of their generation in Europe, then Carroll Shelby must stand head and shoulders above his peers from across the pond when it comes to American sportscars....


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