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Page 45 of May 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, May 1966

Vintage Postbag

High Prices Sir, May I comment on B.R. Bowyer's letter ? The writer completely reveals himself when he states "If you could buy a Ghost or Hispano for a hundred or two, who would bother to restore and maintain them ?" If we follow this statement to its logical conclusion, what he is saying is this. If something costs a lot of money it therefore becomes desirable—if it doesn't, then it's not worth...

Page 37 of June 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, June 1938


ON BRITISH HIGH PERFORMANCE WE in this country have a curious habit of belittling our own -efforts. 'We Shout about the ways and achievements and productions of other countries to our own detriment. In _spite of this traditional reluctance to boost our ONVII productions before those of other nations, the fact remains that Great Britain has produced some of the finest and most successful high-...

Page 32 of May 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, May 1949

Club News

We Hear R. S. Strachan is restoring a 1928 "20.9" Sunbeam chassis and craves a suitable body and wings for it. R. L. Walker has rebuilt a Singer "Le Mans" with modern two-seater bodywork, even to a modern frontal aspect and his own spray-painting, working in a shed and using the minimum of equipment. The police are taking an increasingly active interest in competition motoring, in the desirable...

Page 10 of March 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, March 1944


CARS I HAVE OWNED THE most interesting articles in MOTOR SPORT are certainly those that have appeared on the old-type racing cars, and on the various sports models, and I hope that either Mr. Clutton or Mr. Heal will give us some more articles in due course. May I suggest one class of car about which no one has written ? The type to which I refer were those wonderful old "Prince Henry " jobs that...

Page 17 of August 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, August 1944

French Tendencies in the Early Twenties

French Tendencies in the Early Twenties IslIA V E received from the Editor a copy of Thr! :Itdocar for October 15th, 1921, accompanied only hy a cryptic note about curing the influenza. As I am not suffering from the influenza just at present this doesn't seem to get us any plaee much, but I conclude that I am expected to produce a story. • It really is rather an MI rk'si itl!r number of The...

Page 72 of March 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, March 2003

Track tests: Athy

England passed up the chance to host to the world's most famous race. Ireland stepped willingly into the breach and set a new standard, explains Paul Fearnley Stand level with what you consider to be the braking point for a comer, and you cannot be anything other than impressed when today's F1 car banshees past, still hard on its 18,000rpm gas. In contrast, Camille Jenatzy's Mercedes 60 revved to...

Page 36 of March 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, March 1953


By "Baladeur" Not so very long ago, my identity having been carelessly divulged by someone to one of the readers of these articles, in full view of my rapidly greying locks, he remarked in astonishment, "But you're quite young !" Because I am apt to discourse on the earlier days of motoring, he was convinced that I had taken part in the activities of that halcyon era, whereas in fact I did not...

Page 5 of March 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, March 1942


RACING CAR EVOLUTION 1895-1908 [Cecil Clutton's historical surveys are widely respected for their interest and accuracy, and we have great pleasure in presenting this account of racing car evolution over a period which, up to now, has been given very meagre attention—Ed.1 LIKE "1066 and All That," motor racing design has moved in waves. The first wave, frOm1895 to 1901 ,.marked the experimental...


December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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