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Page 74 of June 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, June 1986

Silverstone Shorts

Apart from the opening fly-past by the Griffon-engined Spitfire, there was anotner tribute to Pat Lindsay: his own Spitfire was parked at the end of the Paddock, flanked by his Rolls-Royce tourer and Monza Alfa Romeo and at the end of the Meeting Tony Bianchi did some more low-level fly-pasts with it. It was very much a Maserati day, and D.S.J is dealing with these cars, but it can be said that...

Page 50 of June 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, June 1970


A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters A VARIETY OF ANCIENT THINGS LATE APRIL and early May gave me an interesting variety of veteran and vintage happenings to attend to. It began one Thursday when I set off in the Reliant Scimitar GTE to intercept St. John Cousins Nixon on his 1,060-mile drive round Britain, sponsored by British Leyland, in the actual 1899 single-cylinder Wolseley which ran, as No...

Page 15 of February 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, February 1999

How quick was Jim Clark?

Sir, I appreciated very much your December issue and Matthew Franey's analysis of the elements which make some drivers great and different from others; of course, Jimmy Clark was one of them. One of the examples about Clark, apart from being a testimony of his ability to be quick right from the start, may remind us that accuracy, in motor racing history, may be sometimes difficult to attain. In...

Page 42 of May 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, May 2008

"He was everyone's hero wasn't he?"

It was his character as much as his skill behind the wheel that made Jim Clark the drivers' driver By Nigel Roebuck I was at Brands Hatch when I heard about Jimmy. The first hour or so of the BOAC 500 had been rousing, with Bruce McLaren’s new Ford F3L unexpectedly holding off the legion of Porsches, but now the race had gone flat: McLaren was out, and the day had settled into an endurance sports...

Page 75 of December 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 75, December 1979


The passage of time leaves in its wake an ever increasing stream of historic racing cars, outmoded by technical advancement and changing formulae. What's to be done with them all? There's nothing so forlorn as a once active and competitive racing car posed like a stuffed dynasaur on a museum plinth. Thanks to an expanding hard core of enthusiasts there is an increasingly thriving selection of...

Page 30 of June 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, June 1967

The H.C.V.C. Brighton run

The Historic Commercial Vehicle Run from London to Brighton is becoming almost as much an institution as the Brighton Run for cars. This year it had two entries from abroad, the 1927 Scania-Vabis brewery truck from Sweden and a Triangle van of Tuborg Pilsner from Denmark. The public obviously love this event but traffic is nothing like so thick as for the car run, so congestion on the route...

Page 62 of September 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, September 1995

A quiet life

For most people, an End-to-End run stops at John O'Groats. Hamish Moffat, Bugatti racer and vintage flyer, plans to take his OM tourer to Tierra del Fuego and head north... Lest there be any doubt, Hamish Moffat, the Malayan-born son of a rubber plantation manager, skilled aviator, accomplished amateur racing driver and long-time adventurer, is one of the Twentieth Century's most colourful and...

Page 49 of July 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, July 2000

Crosthwaite & Gardiner

The classic restorers In a new series, Gordon Cruickshank visits some of Britain's finest specialist restoration preparation and manufacturing companies to find out why British craftsmen continue to lead the world in the most exacting industry. This month: How to build an auto union It's called Hogge's Farm, but there's nothing agricultural about this place. It would not be an exaggeration to...


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