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Page 76 of October 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, October 2004

Scarlet fever

Alfa's legendary Tipo B and Alfetta scored 78 international wins between them. In the opportunity of a lifetime, Paul Fearnley drives them both --- on the same day! Centre throttle. Centre throttle. Centre throttle. Please excuse my mantra. Centre throttle. Centre throttle. Centre throttle. The light has gone green. And the marshals give me a quizzical stare. For it's only now that I select first...

Page 83 of January 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 83, January 2002

Fantastic road that's almost impossible to top

Strange how the mind plays tricks. I knew exactly how it was going to be. I'd seen it so many times before. Or had I? Of course I had. A smear of headlights. A rip of engine. A big, big slide. An extravagant Scandinavian Flick. Another big, big slide. An ice ballet danced to a thunderously brilliant airhorn-flashgun son et lumiere. Yep, the most famous map reference in rallying was an attractive...

Page 74 of June 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, June 2010

Besotted by his craft

Talented but unrewarded in Formula 1, Bruno Giacomelli never stopped trying to make the best of whatever hand motor racing dealt himBy Paul Fearnley Even Ermanno Cuoghi, legendary mechanic of Pedro-and-Jo-in-Gulf Day-Glo and Lauda-at-Ferrari glory, knew motor racing has fewer ups than downs, yet his disappointment was palpable. His shoulders (and moustache) drooped as the PA system blared the...

Page 14 of October 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, October 2000

A good turnround

Sir, Paul Fearnley CA Blast from the Future', September issue) is a bit wide of the mark when he says the Hawthorn Rileys were 'tatty and outdated'. The cars were actually superbly prepared and better turned out than most club racers of 1951 and, at that time, at least half the cars in club racing were of pre-war origin, so they weren't necessarily outdated either. I was helping a friend who was...

Page 144 of July 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 144, July 1994

A right rivetin' championship

Pop rivets. Yes folks, it's all boiled down to tiny cylinders of soft metal that can be hammered flat at both ends 31 of them! lust one out of place and the balance of power in the Auto Trader British Touring Car Championship could swing dramatically it's that close. And you thought it was a worldwide, multi-million pound, multicoloured, bumper-to-bumper, paintswapping extravaganza in which 10...

Page 64 of June 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, June 2005

The Quiet Man

Shy Mike Spence spent most of his career in the shade. Paul Fearnley looks back at a man who was blossoming when he was killed at Indy The lights blinked yellow before the day-glo car hit the wall. The puff of dust as it dived into Turn One had told USAC chief observer Walt Myers all he needed to know: too high, out of the groove, trouble. Impacting at 45 degrees, Lotus 56/2 screeched along the...

Page 74 of November 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, November 2000

Crystal Palace

One London Suburb reverberated to the sound of racing engines until 1972. Paul Fearnley takes a leisurely drive through a park that boasts a fast past Whit Monday, 1964. Top deck of a Routemaster, the windows rattling in sympathy with its faithful Gardiner's lumpy idle. Down those curving stain two at a time, one more bound and out the back. The bus hasn't come to a dead stop and the conductor...

Page 66 of October 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, October 2001

Track tests Montjuich

The extra speed of this Barcelona street circuit made it Superior to Monaco — and more vulnerable to the safety crusade. Paul Fearnley visits it during rush hour The irony of it. This mind-blowing circuit for the superbrave, this mind-expanding track for the supertalented, is clogged with learner drivers. And not just cars. Mopeds, bikes, lorries and buses. Every junction is awash with indecision...

Page 56 of November 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, November 2003

Ply in the ointment

Fifteen minutes of fame Protos: 1967 Deutschland Trophy Frank Costin reckoned the F2 field couldn't see the wood for the trees. His car was definitely not a chip off the old block, Brian Hart tells Paul Fearnley Had 'Joe 90' focused his hi-tech specs on motorsport, chances are he would have driven the futuristic Protos F2 car of 1967. Designed by Frank Costin, a man with a sixth sense for...

Page 10 of October 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, October 1996

Gardner's Question Time

Paul Fearnley fulfils a long-standing ambition to meet a man whose achievements bely his legendary status Jeez, you know me better than I do." Frank Gardner is a bit vague over facts and figures. He's every right to be. He has been involved in motorsport for over 40 years as a mechanic, a driver, an engineer and a team manager. Only now he is throttling back, although his idea of 'Dunworkin',...



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