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Page 15 of May 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, May 1938


0(44 liawd VETERAN CAR CLUB The Veteran. Car Club held its annual Rally and Hill-Climb at Tilburstow on April 9th. The entries were not so numerous as in previous years, but a very enjoyable day was had by all. After lunch the cars attempted the long climb of Tilburstow. Capt. Colver's 1896 Arnold required the assistance of both occupants, but Wood's Leon-Bolke ascended steadily, likewise Allday'...

Page 19 of February 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, February 1936


THE ELA.R.C. Brooklands Clubhouse was so crowded on the occasion of the members' gathering that the film display which followed tea had to be given twice. Many useful suggestions were offered, the speakers including Mr. Cecil Kimber, R. G. Shaw, Mrs. L. Gould. Paul Hardy, Dr. Roth, W. E. Humphreys and many others. The J.C.C. will stage their annual Members' Rally at the Track on February 15 and...

Page 15 of December 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, December 1935


THE THATCHER TROPHY TRIAL Rain played a most prominent part in the Thatcher Trophy Trial held recently in the Chilterns by the Great West Motor Club. Mr. Paul Hardy's very sporting sixty-five mile course, including in its length the old favourites Crowell, Maiden's Grove and Lewknor, was rendered almost impassable in several places owing to the torrential rain which had fallen during the previous...

Page 37 of December 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, December 1937


THE FLOWER OF THE GLOUCESTER ONLY TWO CARS CLIMB ALL THE HILLS BREAKHEART WELL NAMED THEtwenty -sevei4 Ii London Gloucester Trial was promoted by the North-West London Motor Club on December 4th, aini bad weather lent even greatcr severity to one of the stiffest courses that a big event has seen. Only two drivers, out of a total of seventy-seven starters, came through with a clean sheet. These...

Page 6 of November 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, November 1939

Club News

etallawd A little more news of Club intentions has come to hand, but, even now, there seems to be a general apathy so far as arranging social programmes is con cerned. This is a matter for regret, especially as a very considerable number of motor-cycling clubs are carrying on, not only with social evenings, impromptu suppers and fihn shows, but with short club runs. It may well be argued that...

Page 27 of November 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, November 1937


Oita/Lewd THE MOTOR SPORTS CLUB An opening gathering of the Motor Sports Club was held at its premises during Grand Prix week. The scheme is for a Club, limited for the present to 200 Members, open to motor enthusiasts, and existing solely as a London Club, not organising competitions of any kind. This seems to us a very excellent idea indeed, for so oftoil, as when, for instance, the daily...

Page 15 of May 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, May 1939


ett4 /lewd HARROW C.C. The Moss Trial used hills on the The Moss Trophy Trial used hills on the War Office ground in the Red Roads area—which might be described as something of a God-send to near-London trials organisers in these congested times. The hills were fairly easy and the entry small. D. W. Price won the Moss Trophy with his Ford V8 and Ken Hutchison's Allard was fastest in the figure-of...

Page 41 of July 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, July 1936

Club News

/Lewd scornsH SPORTING CAR CLUB The Team Trial must be written down as a very successful event. That something like a hundred officials gave their services suggests it from the start. Dry weather robbed the hills of their possibilities. Bodesbeck stopped two cars, both Singers. In a sporting farmer's farmland was found a hill that put back two of the teams, when N. W. Gibson's M.G. tore out a...

Page 29 of August 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, August 1933

Club News

BRITISH RACING DRIVERS' CLUB. THE Supplementary Regulations for the annual 500 Miles Race are now available. The event will take place on September 16th, the limit cars being sent away at 11 a.m. The faster machines will be sent off in batches until finally the scratch men will be given the signal to start at 12h. 21m. 27s. Cars entered must be capable of lapping the Track at 80 m.p.h., and must...

Page 21 of April 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, April 1939

Club News

etta KENTISH BORDER C.C. The Kentish Border Car Club will hold a freak hill-climb at a new and secret venue near Kingsdown, Kent, on Sunday, April 2nd. Competitors will start from the Clearways Filling Station, Kingsdown at 1 p.m. and be led to the hill. The new hill is said to have a grass surface of a non-chassis breaking nature, and to possess a gradient worse than Knatt's. Climbs will be...



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