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Lancia and De Virgilio, At the Center Geoffrey Goldberg When I drove a Lancia Aurelia I was astonished at how sophisticated it was. Much of the credit belongs to Francesco De Virgilio, a brilliant Lancia engineer whose career spanned wartime scout vehicles up to the LC2 GpC prototype. Engineers aren’t much in the spotlight, so it takes a book like this to illuminate the hidden genius of a man...

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Norman's conquest

The D-type didn’t win many races in period, but fared spectacularly well in those that most mattered. Sixty years on from the car’s first test, Motor Sport joins Jaguar development driver Norman Dewis at the helm By Andrew Frankel  The dark green prototype has been lapping the handling circuit at the Motor Industry Research Association proving ground for a while now, the distinctive bark of its 3...

Page 62 of January 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, January 1992

Racers Apart

Motor racing biographies are commonplace. Racers Apart, by Motor Sport's Executive Editor David Tremayne is something new. The author has chosen a selection of drivers - not all of them circuit racers - who have particularly appealed to him. Some of them he has worked with in his role as F1 correspondent for Motoring News, some created a deep impression during his youth, others left a legacy he...

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Brian Lister and the cars from CambridgePaul Skilleter In technical terms this book much augments Robert Edwards’ Archie and the Listers, with comprehensive details of the cars, describing how the first special became a successful customer design backing up the impressive factory effort with the remarkable Scott Brown. Lister-Jags won and won in the ’50s, and are still winning in historics, also...

Page 81 of August 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 81, August 1996

Motoring & Motor Racing Books

Jaguar Saloon Cars, by Paul Skilleter. Published by Haynes. GRACE. SPACE and PACE was the marketing slogan for laguar saloon cars in the 1960s, and it emphasised the marque's unrivalled combination of performance, comfort, and value. This book is probably still the best written and illustrated ever produced on Jaguar saloons, stretching from the Swallow bodies, through SS models to the X112 Coupe...

Page 49 of August 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, August 2008

Stirling's C-change

The Jaguar C-type was the car that pioneered disc brake technology in 1952, when a young Stirling Moss was its driver. We reunited them at SilverstoneBy Andrew Frankel The true value of most great technological breakthroughs can usually only be appreciated with the benefit of hindsight. Life didn’t change the moment Karl Benz first swung his Motorwagen into life and phutted up the road in 1886...

Page 98 of June 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, June 1982

Book reviews

"Tiger, Alpine, Rapier — Sporting Cars from the Rootes Group" by Richard Langworth. 175 pp., 10" x 7 1/4" (Osprey Publishing Co. Ltd., 12-14, Long Acre, London, WC2E 9LP. £9.95) Some time ago Richard Langworth gave the impression that he was anti-British, by issuing some snide back-window stickers deriding British cars. He has made some amends for this by saying in the Preface to this book about...

Page 82 of October 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, October 1978

Some fun with a Lister Jaguar

Twenty years ago the Lister-Jaguar was the absolute king of British sports car racing, its successful image created by Archie Scott-Brown, who tragically lost his life in one at Spa-Francorchamps in May of 1958 and subsequently polished by drivers of the calibre of Moss, Clark, Gregory, Halford, Whitehead and Bueb. Now the wheel has turned full circle and the most competitive sports racing car in...

Page 74 of July 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, July 1996

Collector's Guide - Jaguar XJS

Collector's Guide — Jaguar XJS, by Paul Skilleter. MRP, £14.99. One for Jag enthusiasts to add to a comprehensive list on this marque. All XJS models from the original 5.3litre coupe to the last six and 12cylinder cars are included, with major and minor specification changes. As is usual in the series, advice on restoration, maintenance and buying such a Jaguar is given, as well as the...

Page 87 of April 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 87, April 1982

Book reviews

"The Certain Sound — Thirty Years Of Motor Racing" by John Wyer. 260 pp. 10½" x 8½" (Patrick Stephens Ltd., Bar Hill, Cambridge, CB3 8EL. £17.50). If Andrew Whyte had much "inside" information at his disposal when writing his history of SS and Jaguar cars in racing and other competition events, to the great benefit of those books, what can I say about this Autobiography, Predominantly of Aston...



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