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Page 82 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, July 2014

A world of its own

The first-ever permanent race track was built in Surrey – but did Brooklands rest too long on its laurels?Writer Gordon Cruickshank The Brooklands Gazette. That’s how our life started out, at a time when the world’s first purpose-built race track was still, 17 years on from its construction, the only motor racing track in mainland Britain. After the sun set on the Surrey speedway at the outbreak...

Page 35 of June 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, June 1972


Perusal of scrapbooks about motor racing are invariably interesting. We have been looking through one kept by C. U. M. Walther, about his experiences with a racing Austin 7, appropriate in this Jubilee year of the famous Seven. This was one of the Gordon England Brooklands models, about which a chapter will be devoted in the forthcoming "Motor Sport Book of the Austin Seven"—our contribution to...

Page 48 of March 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, March 1972

The Brooklands reminiscences of G.P. Harvey Noble

Recounted to the Editor in a recent interview I think that George Harvey Noble has every right, with the late J. G. Parry Thomas, to be remembered as "Mr. Brooklands". He spent so much time at the Track at Weybridge that he had to give up two lucrative businesses. He raced a great variety of cars there, did almost daily stints of test driving, and knew every bump and contour, curve and angle of...

Page 30 of April 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, April 1991

Veteran to classic -- match races

Motoring historian Doug Nye reminded us in his 'Skulduggery' feature in Classic & Sportscar recently of a Match Race which took place at the Crystal Palace circuit in October 1938 between Prince 'Bira' and Arthur Dobson, both in ERAs. Doug remarked that most Match Race themes disappointed, this race between 'Bira's three-year old ERA Romulus and Dobson's two-year-old B-type ERA being no...

Page 12 of June 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, June 1939


FROM HOLLAND Sir, My enthusiasm for vintage cars started with motor-cycles, about ten years ago. Being practically penniless then, I had to be satisfied by reading anything I could get about motor-cycles. My first bike was a small Motobecane with beltdrive. Every year I visited the T.T. in Assen and after a while my father helped me to get a 150 c.c. Coventry-Eagle. (the Silent-Superb). But...

Page 2 of November 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 2, November 1942

The "Rembrandt" meeting

As the Editor of "Motor Sport" was unable, at the last moment, to attend, this report was written for him by J. Lowrey Sunday, September 27th, was the occasion of the second war-time gathering of enthusiasts at the Rembrandt Rooms, Kensington. Proceedings commenced around the hour of noon, as the enthusiasts began to arrive, and it was cheering to see that quite a few managed to travel by road....

Page 27 of August 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, August 1937


A CORRECTION In the May issue, commenting upon the remarkably fine performance of the Type 328 Frazer-Nash-B.M.W., which had covered over 100 miles in one hour mules R.A.C. observation, driven by S. C. H. Davis and running fully equipped, we were led. to remark that it seemed very probable that one of those cars would cover the greatest distance during the M.C.C. One-Hour High-Speed Trial next...

Page 37 of May 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, May 1932

club news

eta/Iowa THE LIGHT CAR CLUB. DUB to its expansion, the Light Car Club has found it necessary to appoint an assistant secretary, with a London address, to whom all communications should be sent in future. Members should note that Mr. Harold J. Jones has been appointed to this post, and his address is : 22, Basinghall Street, E.C.2. The latest list of the club's fixtures contains the following :—...

Page 30 of February 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, February 1970

Frederick Lionel Rapson - inventor extraordinary

WE LEFT Mr. Rapson in the unenviable position of having submitted his much criticised "unpunctureable" tyres to a 10,000-mile RAC-observed test from which he had to withdraw after 5,732 miles because three of the Rapsons on his Rolls-Royce were suffering from internal defects. Such an outcome, after the blaze of publicity in which his invention had been announced five months before, in July, 1919...

Page 17 of June 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, June 1938


Are. ...'•;21' Percy Maclure IHAVE seldom seen so much genuine enthusiasm as that aroused by Percy Maclure's hard-won victory in the J.C.C. International Trophy Race with the unblown oversize Riley. After the formal reception he came coasting with dead engine up the finishing straight as the loud-speakers were playing the National Anthem. As the music died away Maclure got :going again and ran...



December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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