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Page 68 of April 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, April 1984

TWR Jaguars XJS: Walkinshaw's Coventry Express

As John Egan remarked to us at the Geneva Show, racing is part of Jaguar’s heritage. A carefully planned European Touring Car Championship programme brought the Coventry marque five outright successes last year, with engineering expertise and part of the budget coming direct from Jaguar, the build, development and race programme handled by the astute Scotsman, Tom Walkinshaw. Neither Renault...

Page 14 of May 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, May 2006

Hammer down

Racers that are going, going, gone Sold The last vestige of what was MG Sport & Racing Ltd went on the block on Saturday March 26. With 950 items ranging from a box of X-Power T-shirts to Bonneville Land Speed Record cars on offer, interest in the Wyles Hardy & Co sale saw the Groveley Lane Birmingham premises (next to the old Longbridge factory) swamped with bidders from around the globe...

Page 17 of December 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, December 1990

Interview - Gordon Murray

Specification Engine: "Large" — Naturally aspirated Cylinders: "Lots" Power output: "Plenty" Suspension, brakes and steering: "Formula 1 standard" Availability: From 1994 Price: "More than anything in view today" Manufacturer: McLaren Cars Limited, South-east England If the specification for the forthcoming McLaren "supercar" looks decidedly vague, it's not because the directors are trying to...

Page 40 of August 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, August 2002

It was the biggest regret of my life.

'It was the biggest regret of my life. I wish I could pay a lot of money not to have done it. I was an absolute twit to have agreed to do it and I've got no-one to blame but myself' AFTER 18 YEARS AWAY, STIRLING MOSS RETURNED TO CURRENT MOTORSPORT — IN AN AUDI. AS YOU MIGHT HAVE GATHERED, HE DID NOT ENJOY IT. GARY WATKINS FINDS OUT WHY MALLORY PARK MUST HAVE BEEN A SURREAL PLACE to be on the...

Page 24 of February 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, February 1984

Royal College of Art Automotive Design Unit

There can be few products on the market in which design plays so overtly important a part as in the modern car. Every consumer durable comes into being as a result of some sort of design process, but the purchaser rarely chooses food mixers, for example, on the basis of looks. He or she is Likely to be more concerned with what features are offered, as long as the device is up to a basic level of...

Page 4 of December 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, December 1990

Around and About

Sports Car Driver Shuffles As Martin Brundle returns to the Brabham Formula 1 team, his place with Silk Cut Jaguar has been taken by Derek Warwick who resigned from Lotus. Warwick, 36, was almost a founder member of the Tom Walkinshaw directed Jaguar Group C programme, having driven the XJR-6 to its first victory at Silverstone in May 1986. At the end of that season, he missed the Drivers'...

Page 42 of December 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, December 1990

Road Test - Lotus Elan SE

A Successful Gamble Lotus cars and high risks have always been synonymous. The December 1982 death of Colin Chapman and the 1986 acquisition of Lotus Cars by General Motors has created a different company, but one that is still prepared to risk its ultimate survival on a 35 million gamble. The innovative front-drive Lotus Elan thoroughly deserves the emotive name of the most successful Lotus...

Page 13 of January 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, January 2012

Matters of Moment

Christian Horner was always canny, even when his team wasn’t winning. I first got to know him when his Formula 3000 equipe, the grandly named Arden International, was failing to deliver on its obvious promise. The lack of results were an annoyance, a frustration, but Christian was already looking further ahead. This former (mediocre) racing driver was gaining an influential voice in a little...

Page 40 of March 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, March 2011


A Targa lap with quick VicSir, Reading Vic Elford's account of his Targa Florio history (December issue) took me back to 1968 when he asked if I would like to "do a lap" with him. I was Motor Sport's / photographer then, and some of the pictures you have used are very familiar. Official practice was, as usual, on Friday, and on Saturday the roads were open again to the public. Right-minded...

Page 44 of January 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, January 2012

Porcine payback

Sir, The Porsche 917 ‘Pink Pig’ story was fun, but there’s a bit more to it… As your story states, there was a third totally different body design being worked on in the Porsche Design Studio which was run by Anton ‘Tony’ Lapine. The car was looking good and was performing well in the wind tunnel, but Dr Piech decided that another variation was too much, and since he was very taken with Choulet’s...



November 2019
Ultimate Porsche: The Most Ruthless Racer Ever Built



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