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Page 31 of November 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, November 1978

The Formula One Scene

The 1978 season was proving to be a jolly good one until about midway when it all started to go wrong. It had opened with a most interesting collection of variables that were going to prove or disprove themselves as the year went on. World Champion Niki Lauda had left Ferrari and joined the Alfa Romeo powered Brabham team under Bernie Ecclestone, Ferrari had forsaken Goodyear and was contracted...

Page 22 of January 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, January 1977

New Formula One cars

March 771/240 When saw the Tyrrell Project 34 six-wheeler, with its four tiny wheels at the front, you either approved or thought it was daft. If you approved then the huge rear wheels stood out like sore thumbs, negating all the reduction in frontal area gained by the small-wheel, narrow-track layout at the front. As an experiment, and nothing more than that at the moment, Robin Herd has built a...

Page 43 of September 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, September 1999

Technofile - the bag tank

Fire was once the number one killer in Formula One, now it's almost unheard of. The life-saver is the fuel safety cell, better known as the bag tank. By Keith Howard Fire: the word alone used to be enough to send a chill through every motor sport watcher, let alone participant. For if a driver survived a major impact that was only the first hurdle: the second was the fuel fire which all too...

Page 117 of November 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 117, November 2004

Simon Taylor's notebook

HSCC Roadsports is one way you can go historic racing without a millionaire's budget, or a trailer The generally accepted wisdom is that if you go motor racing it will cost you, and if you go motor racing in an old car it will cost you a lot. At the major historic meetings, priceless cars arrive in huge transporters operated by hired hands who maintain and mend. The owner just turns up to drive,...

Page 26 of October 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, October 1977

Monza Reflections

Lying horizontal, sick of the palsy, was not the best position from which to reflect on the happenings in the recent Italian GP. It certainly was no position from which to try and write a coherent report of the race, but fortunately the Editor of Motoring News came to my rescue and put down the facts as they happened. For a long time now A.H. and D.S.J. have spent Grand Prix time together, our...

Page 58 of January 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, January 2003

The arts of Craft

With more backing and a couple of lucky breaks, the talents of Chris Craft surely would have shone at the highest level. Yet no-one can have enjoyed their career more. Colin Goodwin meets a happy-go-lucky racer who had more than his share of go - both on and off the track Money was so tight that driver Chris Craft and team manager Keith Greene had to take a Page & Moy tour to get to North...

Page 21 of September 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, September 1974

The German Grand Prix

Well done Regazzoni Nürburgring, August 4th: For what it was worth the German Grand Prix was given the title of the European Grand Prix this year, a dubious honour it last received in 1968. As long as it remains a 14 mile-per-lap drive round the Eifel mountains the Nürburgring will always remain the Nürburgring, no matter how much it is smoothed out, widened or made easier, for the better the...

Page 25 of May 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, May 1973

GKN-Daily Express Silverstone Meeting

Something of everything Silverstone, April 7th/8th This year was the twenty-fifth race meeting organised by the BRDC at Silverstone under the title of the International Trophy. The first one was in 1949, when Alberto Ascari won with a supercharged 1-1/2-litre Ferrari from the Scuderia Ferrari, and since that day the BRDC have run this annual event without fail. From the inception the meeting has...

Page 25 of September 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, September 1976

Austrian Grand Prix

The sun came out Osterreichring, Knittelfeld, August 15th Those who travelled from England to Austria for the Grand Prix on the Osterreichring discovered where all the rain had gone. There is no shortage of water in central Austria and violent thunderstorms rang through the mountains as the teams assembled in the paddock on the day before official practice. Some had already been indulging in some...

Page 76 of March 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, March 1978

The Brazilian Grand Prix goes to Rio

Rio de Janeiro, January 29th The second of the two early-season Championship Grand Prix races took place in Brazil fourteen days after Andretti's runaway win in Buenos Aires. This time the Brazilian Grand Prix took place, not at Sao Paulo's impressive five-mile Interlagos circuit, but at the brand new Circuit Internacional do Rio de Janeiro, a twisting autodromo complex situated some 20 miles or...



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