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Page 71 of April 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 71, April 1984

Arab Valve Gear

A Reid Railton Cameo When I wrote briefly of Brian Demaus’ rare 1926 Arab sports car in the December issue I was in error over it having a single cam to operate both the inlet and exhaust valves in each cylinder, as Ken Fantom, who made a new camshaft for Demaus, points out. It is a cardinal sin for any historian to jump to conclusions and that is what I did in this instance. Knowing that the...

Page 82 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, July 2014

A world of its own

The first-ever permanent race track was built in Surrey – but did Brooklands rest too long on its laurels?Writer Gordon Cruickshank The Brooklands Gazette. That’s how our life started out, at a time when the world’s first purpose-built race track was still, 17 years on from its construction, the only motor racing track in mainland Britain. After the sun set on the Surrey speedway at the outbreak...

Page 65 of February 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, February 1995

AIR: Parry Thomas's Aero-Engine

The Welsh engineer/racing motorist will, I hope, always be remembered in our world as the greatest of the Brooklands' drivers in the vintage years. and creator of the hastily modified Liberty aero-engined Thomas Special "Babs", that ultimately killed him, after it had gained him the Land Speed Record at 171.02 mph in 1926. Thomas's career previous to his devotion to motor racing may be less well-...

Page 13 of May 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, May 1947

The Reminiscences of Reggie Tongue

A most absorbing account, by the well-known racing driver, of the cars which have served him both in races and on the road. My first real, interest in motor cars began at a time when my father used to recount stories to me of the Bentley Boys at Le Mans. A time when British motor racing was supreme. How I admired, as a boy, the stories of Birkin, Sammy Davis, Woolf Barnato, Benjafield, Duller,...

Page 33 of January 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, January 1979

Life at Thomson & Taylor's - 1927 to1939

Mr. R. H. Beauchamp, AMIME, continues his account of life at T & T's of Brooklands under the great Reid Railton In the December issue of Motor Sport, R. H. Beauchamp concluded his article with a description of John Cobb's Railton Land Speed Record Car of 1938 and his journey to Bonneville Salt Flats prior to Cobb's successful record attempt. In the accompanying article Mr. Beauchamp takes up...

Page 74 of June 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, June 1980

Racing Car Development

Racing Car Development CARS designed and built for record-breaking probably undergo more development and changes for less running fime dim any other form of racing car, but if the development is good then the rewards are great. Some r.ord breaking .ry have been built for one successful attempt and then never run again, and a classic example of this .n be seen in the National Motor Museum at B....

Page 17 of June 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, June 1946

Personality Parade

A Series of Interviews with Personalities famous in the Realms of Motoring Sport No. 6 — Col. Goldie Gardener Goldie Gardener commenced his racing career with a "Gordon England" Austin Seven in 1929, later graduating to one of those very fast 750-c.c. M.G.s which were first raced unsupercharged. In one of these remarkable little cars he achieved third place in the under 1 1/2-litre class in the...

Page 63 of August 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 63, August 1999

B. Bira: Siam's prince of racing

Prince Bira was much more than a royal with a penchant for racing: he was a gifted driver, a talented artist and the inspiration to a generation of privateer racers. By Robert Edwards To passers-by at Baron's Court underground station, two days before Christmas 1985, he was just an elderly man, but by his appearance not a local one. That he had seen better days was clear; that he had died from a...

Page 55 of February 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, February 1980

Formula One Trend of Design

Radiators Since the first racing car was designed the radiator has been a tiresome necessity, and Gottlieb Daimler set us all on the wrong path by water-cooling his first V-twin engine. If water-cooling of the cylinder heads and barrels of the first internal combustion engines had not been invented, who knows where we would be now. At first the radiator was hung anywhere that was convenient and...

Page 75 of March 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 75, March 1981

Number Plates - DPA 231

The Railton car went into production during the nineteen-thirties as a result of design work by Reid Railton who was chief design consultant for Thomson and Taylor the Brooklands specialists who could make anything from a front axle beam to a Land Speed Record car. The Railton car was of the breed that became known as "Anglo-American bastard", these being cars built in England using American...



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