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Page 86 of May 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 86, May 2002

Fighting chance

Years of hard-won knowledge, 'I can do better' Chutzpah and driver determined to get up off the floor, were the ingredients of this knockout win. By Nick Phillips Think Boxer and you probably think pugilist, perhaps dog, or maybe even Rebellion. But in racing circles early in 1977, it could mean only one thing the car which had, in Brian Henton's hands, pulled one of the most unexpected F2 wins...

Page 20 of April 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, April 1998


1984 Dallas GP Some weekends you can come back from a Grand Prix with a notebook relatively clean. There will be a lap chart in there, of course, together with notes and quotes, but in the normal course of events there will be pages free. Once in a while, though, this is not the case. And I find, looking back to the Dallas Grand Prix in 1984, that even before race day I was into my second...

Page 26 of February 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, February 2002

In the new routine

Niki Lauda had always been his own man, and once the notion struck that he was bored with driving around in circles, then nothing was going to keep him in F1. When he walked away from F1 in Montreal, 1979, nobody imagined that he would ever return. And yet he was back in the cockpit at the start of 1982 and, within three races, back on top of the podium. The first step in Nild's comeback came at...

Page 73 of September 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 73, September 1997

Grand Prix timebombs

They were the world's most powerful racing cars, explosively fast and notoriously difficult to drive. Adam Cooper recalls the short, glorious life of the turbo F1 cars When Alain Prost pulled into the parc ferme after the 1988 Australian Grand Prix, he signalled a little bit of history. This was the last Formula One event to feature turbocharged engines, and, having 35 wins with Renault, Porsche...

Page 16 of November 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, November 1999


MONARCH OF THE GLEN TIME WAS WHEN WE ENDED THE World Championship season in North America, and right well that suited most of us, too. Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix, then a few days in New England before fetching up in Watkins Glen for the last race... it was all most agreeable. Mind you, much depended on the elements. Upstate New York in the fall can be sublime, but in 1979 the weather...

Page 7 of May 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, May 1987

Ligier-Alfa split on eve of Rio

After Alfa Romeo took a year's sabbatical from Formula One in order to develop a brand new four-cylinder turbocharged engine, the Italian firm's partnership with the Ligier team ended even before the first race of the year had been run. Ever since it was taken into the Fiat organisation, it had been felt that Alfa wished it had never got involved in F1 again. Fiat wanted a strict pecking order...

Page 74 of August 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, August 1997

Goodwood Festival of Speed: Pictorial Review

The sight and sound of the sole surviving V16 Auto Union mountain climb car, a great silver fish of a machine which slithered and growled under expert control, twin rear wheels scrabbling for grip in the omni-present rain, was as unforgettable to the 100,000 people who watched, entranced, at the fifth Goodwood Festival of Speed, as it was to its driver, Hans-Joachim Stuck. As if the clock was...

Page 123 of June 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 123, June 1999

My greatest race: Rene Arnoux

United States Grand Prix (Dallas), 1984 A terrible car, crumbling track and starting in last place gave Rene Arnoux the perfect motivation to put on the performance of a lifetime. Really, I don't have a best race. for me, the greatest thing was just 11 years in Formula One, being able to do what I did, with good people, especially the mechanics. I felt a special bond with them because that's how...

Page 16 of December 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, December 1999


THE TOP 100 DRIVERS, PART ONE.. SIR, It will always cause controversy and debate creating a list of any 'Greats'; racing drivers especially so. But however you look at it, Mark Hughes has some amazing whoopsies in his selection so far. Firstly, the list is incorrectly entitled Greatest Drivers. As such, USAC, NASCAR, Cart, Indy Car, saloon, sports car and historic drivers should also be...

Page 32 of November 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, November 2002

Power politics

6th - 126C3 Ferrari's early turbo cars were all about their engines. But Harvey Postlethwaite then designed a chassis able to rein in 1000bhp. Patrick Tambay talks to Adam Cooper Although it contested only seven Grands Prix in the second half of 1983, and scored just two wins, the 126C3 can claim to be one of the fastest Ferraris ever. Between them Patrick Tambay and René Arnoux took nine of the...



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