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Page 102 of May 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 102, May 1984

Book Reviews

"The Automotive Art of Bertone" by Rod de la Rive Box & Richard Crump. 166 pp. 10 1/4 in x 8 1/4. (Haynes Publishing Group, Sparkford, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 711. £14.95). Those who follow the development of motor-car styling or who collect coachbuilder's histories will find this picture presentation of the work of the great Italian house of Bertone well worth adding to their bookcases. The...

Page 50 of July 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, July 1971

A Maserati Club

Ferrari have an owners' club, allied to the Bugatti OC but so far there is no Maserati Club. A Maserati Register has been started, however, with a view to the eventual formation of a club and the present issue of a bi-monthly newsletter, to be supplemented by a quarterly bulletin from May next year, if sufficient demand exists. Funds accrued will go towards the bulletin, the collation of...

Page 3 of August 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, August 1990

Petrol Problems

The rich petroleum industry, automatically associated with tough 'oil barons' in the Ewing image, palatial office premises, and understandable jealousy over brand names, has a lucrative customer in the world's vehicle users. In the main, it can be said that it has served us well. Even before it saw the enormous profits that could be earned it made it possible for autocarists to buy the essential...

Page 98 of April 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, April 2003

Reviving the Blitzen spirit

Bill Boddy Giant racing cars, whether original, resuscitated or replica, always excite me. The latest of the aero-engined breed is breathtaking. In action, it will undoubtedly be more so! When I first saw it I felt as though I had been transplanted to Brooklands in 1914, with Hornsted about to venture out in it for some very fast lappery, for it is a replica of one of the famous 200hp 21.5-litre...

Page 84 of July 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 84, July 1995

Cyclecar Capers

Only comparatively recently has the Light Car & Edwardian Section of the VSCC concerned itself with increasing numbers of vehicles of the cyclecar class, which provide fun for their drivers, amusement for those who watch them performing, and which represent preservation of another link with motoring's heritage. I was born in the cyclecar era but by the time I was able to contemplate buying a...

Page 50 of February 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, February 1980

"Maserati Road Cars"

"Maserati Road Cars" by Richard Crump and Rob de la Rive Box. 229 pp., 11" x 10". (Osprey Publishing Ltd., 12-14 Long Acre, London WC2E 9LP. £14.95). What this large book sets out to do is to cover mainly Maserati's Orsi period. Information was collected world-wide, and anyway Rob of the Rive Box is in business selling and servicing Maseratis, and supplying spares for them. So the book is about...

Page 74 of September 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, September 1993

The real McCoys

Now in its fourth year, and with London auctioneer and long-time supporter of historic racing, Coys, taking over sponsorship of the event from Christies, the Silverstone Historic Festival continues to maintain the very highest standard and quality of entry. As in previous years all races were run in two parts, except for the FIA Historic Touring Car race, and with entries for all but the...

Page 42 of July 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, July 1982

Of this and that

It had to happen THE Maserati firm of Modena did not make very many Tipo 250F racing cars so that each one was known by its personal chassis number and most of them have had their movements well documented. Recently a car named up at Monaco, for the historic race, that looked like a 250F but was in fact a Maserati "special" built up from some spare parts and some recently made parts on a recently...

Page 54 of April 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, April 1975

A Good Idea

As one can receive a summons for driving a car with incorrect tyre pressures, a device for indicating on each tyre valve the pressure at which a particular tyre should be inflated seems a useful idea, especially for fleet operators or those whose cars are used by other people. It consists of a set of four valve dust-caps with magnifying tops, beneath which can be inserted discs inscribed with...

Page 91 of May 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 91, May 1976

The Lamborghini Urraco

A proper motor car We had travelled to the South of France by public transport, an Air France Caravelle, with an interior decor not unlike a Parisien house of ill-repute, had taken us from London to Marseilles, and then an Avis Rent-a-car, that was pure white and indistinguishable from any other Eurobox at any other European airport, had taken us to our destination in a coastal resort on the...



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