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Page 149 of June 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 149, June 2014

Historic scene with... Gordon Cruickshank

Air power in action How Justin Maeers and his GN special lifted the Motor Sport Brooklands Trophy If on your way to a VSCC meeting you’re overtaken in a blast of noise by a spindly pointy-tailed cyclecar going unfeasibly quickly, chances are it has Justin Maeers at the wheel, winner of the 2013 Motor Sport Brooklands Memorial trophy. Maeers has been a GN addict for many years, and his current hit...

Page 116 of September 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 116, September 2014

A record worth its salt

Fifty years ago Donald Campbell’s outdated Bluebird defied the jet age by setting a new Land Speed Record. The scene remains one of the most inhospitable places in the world Writer James Nicholls It is 50 years since Donald Campbell broke the world land speed record on Lake Eyre in South Australia with his gas-turbine car Bluebird. On July 17 1964 he recorded the incredible speed of 403.100mph in...

Page 85 of February 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 85, February 1999

Achievements: Land, Sea and Air

By Richard Graves Published by Bloomsbury, £30.00, ISBN: 0 7475 3771 2 This book celebrates more or less a century of powered transport as helped along by the products of the Castrol company. Hence the title of this large-format book, because 'Achievements' was the title of the series of booklets published by Charles Wakefield, the company's founder, from 1912 onwards to publicise the firm's part...

Page 29 of November 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, November 2013

Rob Widdows

Desert warrior in village hall “Richard Noble is a legend. If only there were a few like him in government.” I quote from responses to our recent podcast with the man who, 30 years ago, became the fastest man on earth. On October 5 1983, Noble drove his Thrust 2 jet-powered car across the Black Rock desert in Nevada, clocked 633mph through the measured mile and put his name alongside the Cobbs...

Page 65 of December 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, December 1983

Down to the sea in a Mercedes

On the evening prior to the Run I went down to the garage at the Gloucester Hotel in Kensington to look at this fine Mercedes-Simplex which had been brought from Germany, together with the 1899 two-cylinder 10 hp Benz (with its remarkable pointed prow adorned with gilled cooling tubes) that the Museum's Curator, von Pein, was to drive. The engine, of 110 x 140 mm (5,320 cc), has its four side-...

Page 26 of July 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, July 1994


Outrunning sound Why land speed record holder Noble is building Thrust SSC to challenge Mdaren in a race to the Sound Barrier on land and why he won't be at the himself this time Richard Noble has some new bedtime reading. Not for him something by Salman Rushdie, Gilly Cooper or Alan Clark. Just before he turns in each night, he prefers a line or two from the Lockheed SR-7l flight manual. Yes,...

Page 46 of December 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, December 1993

Back to Black Rock

On 4 October 1983, Richard Noble blasted Thrust 2, a Rolls-Royce Avon powered jet-car, across the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA to set a new Land Speed Record at 633.468 mph, a figure which remains unbeaten to this day. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their accomplishment, and to meet the man who hopes to challenge the record some time next year, Noble and the rest of the Project Thrust...

Page 94 of March 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 94, March 2003

Coventry's supersonic show

A very significant British museum development is the opening of its Spirit of Speed Gallery by the Museum of British Road Transport in Coventry. This is a reminder of LSR history and that Britain currently holds the record with Thrust SSC at 763.035mph, set by Andy Green, OBE. Prior to that, Richard Noble had held the LSR at 633.468mph, in Thrust 2, both cars very much his work. Both these...

Page 22 of February 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, February 2010

Bloodhound to run in 2011

Richard Noble’s 1000mph Bloodhound project is on course for a 2011 record run, with a radical redesign, a new HQ, and a location for the supersonic record attempt. Bloodhound aims to smash the current 763mph Land Speed Record, set by Andy Green in Noble’s previous device, ThrustSSC, before hitting four figures on four wheels. Since the mock-up of the twin-engined device was displayed, Bloodhound...

Page 78 of November 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, November 2001

Bluebird CN7

When future Champ Car designer and B.A.R. technical director Malcolm Oastler was growing up in Australia, Donald Campbell's record-breaking attempts caught his attention and admiration You can't ignore a car like Donald Campbell's Bluebird — it's so striking. It's so different from the earlier record cars, which in comparison were just trucks with big engines in them, whereas Bluebird was a new...



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Ultimate Porsche: The Most Ruthless Racer Ever Built



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