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Page 42 of September 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, September 1991

Road Test -- BMW 325i

World Class Leader When BMW were faced with replacing the two boxy generations of 3-series that had served from 1975 to 1990, with over 3.5 million sales, they knew their largest volume seller demanded a brand new body. Gone are the upright lines and air of quality that was the envy of the non-Mercedes manufacturing World: in came the aero generation 3-series, plastics to the fore. The result was...

Page 23 of January 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, January 1944


BUGATTI CLASSICS No. 3 Photograph from the Jack Lawrence Collection Type 51, 2.3-litre, supercharged, twin-cam Bugatti. The single-cam 2.3-litre Bugatti series was rrst produced in 1927 and was classified as Type 358 in supercharged form. In 1931 the Type 51 was introduced. Several of these cars came to this country and were raced by the late Richard Shuttleworth, Earl Howe, and the late C....

Page 8 of August 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, August 1991

Letter to readers

A Little History Dear Reader, In 1989 Maurice Hamilton wrote a readable and straightforward history of the British Grand Prix, going back to the first race to carry that title. It was a race held on an artificial road-type circuit laid out on the Brooklands Motor Course and organised by our Royal Automobile Club in 1926. The following year the RAC again organised a British Grand Prix at...

Page 80 of June 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, June 2001

Chariots of a flyer

Richar Shuttleworth enjoyed a background gew can dream of. And he made the most of it, as Bill Boddy reveals p>Richard Ormonde (after Lord Ormonde, a godfather) Shuttleworth was born on July 16,1909, at the 7500-acre Old Warden estate at Biggleswade in rural Bedfordshire. His father, Colonel Frank Shuttleworth, had married his mother when he was 57 and she was 23. She was the daughter of the...

Page 103 of October 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 103, October 1982

Alfa Romeo Tipo B 1934 Chassis No. 50007 Engine No. 50007

Alfa Romeo Tipo B 1934 Chassis No. 50007 Engine No. 50007 Richard Shuttleworth bought the car at the beginning of 1935, had it painted green and straight away entered it for a small race on the triangular Mountain circuit at Brooklands, at the °Petting meeting on March 16th. It naturally created great interest, like someone appearing at Brands Hatch today with one of last year's Ferrari turbocars...

Page 15 of January 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, January 1943


The Veteran C.C. and the Edwardians The Veteran Car Club of Great Britain, which had previously existed to foster interest .in veteran cars constructed prior to 1905, announced, on 14th November, that it had extended its activities to "take under its protection" vehicles built up to the end of 1912. Enthusiasm for all the pre-1914 cars which still exist in good functional order causes us to...

Page 48 of March 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, March 1976

Shuttleworth trust developments

It is good news that, apart from continuing its excellent work of restoring, exhibiting and demonstrating in the air historic aeroplanes, the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden Aerodrome, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, is about to restore some of its older motor vehicles. This good work will be financed jointly by the Transport Trust and the Shuttleworth Trust, the latter having previously been...

Page 91 of August 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 91, August 1983

TT Arrol-Asters

The other day I came across a throw-back of motor-sporting history that, in an infinitessimal degree if you like, proved the old adage that if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. It centres around a team of 2,356 cc six-cylinder Arrol-Aster competition cars. According to Kevin Desmond, writing in his book about Richard Shuttleworth, their single-sleeve-valve engines revved at under 3...

Page 98 of March 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, March 2007

A plane choice

During the 1930s keen drivers began to think of private aircraft as aerial sports cars. WB considers what might have tempted him If I had been amongst the lucky people who owned a Bentley, 30/98 Vauxhall, Alvis, Lagonda or other lively sports car in the 1930s and also possessed a pilot’s licence, what aeroplane would I buy? Before WW2 there was a desire among some affluent owners of pedigree fast...

Page 15 of October 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, October 1943


How to get rich If you do not object to commercialising your enthusiasm for fast motor-cars, there is an infallible method awaiting you of entering a business which requires little capital and aims at an immense turn-over. There is really no need to know much about cars. All you require is a backyard, or two or three lock-up garages, a regular order for the motoring weeklies and a regular supply...



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