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Page 30 of September 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, September 1977

Alan Cottam defies the rain at VSCC Prescott

Heavy rain on August 14th did its best to wash away the Prescott hill-climb course on the occasion of the annual VSCC meeting there. But this did not affect spectator attendance, nor the efficient time-schedule. Cottam, too, whose FTDs are not taken almost for granted, showed he could do this in the wet as expertly as in the dry, his Connaught clocking 50.09 sec. That this was 7.42 sec. slower...

Page 47 of December 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, December 1987

Books for Christmas

The Porsche 917, in Kurz, Langheck and Spyder forms, make subject of a book by Ian Ramsey with Bill Oursler whose 121/4in x 81/2in format does justice to the many colour and black-and-white illustrations. For coverage of the World Championship-winning sports/racing car which the authors call The Ultimate Weapon, this 160-page Haynes/Foulis publication would be difficult to better at £19.95....

Page 62 of May 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, May 1963

Riley models

Sir, It seems that the literary consultants to today's vehicle manufacturers have not the originality and imagination of their colleagues in the styling departments. Apparently the new Hillman baby is to be called the Imp. This is just pure bad taste, as the original car of this name was a sports car amply fulfilling the connotations of its name. This crib is yet another name taken from the range...

Page 31 of April 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, April 1962


THE PORSCHE CARRERA 2 The old law of magazine publishing implied that if a manufacturer " took space" in an appropriate journal he would be granted editorial publicity in return. If this applied to MoToa SPORT there would be some cars our readers would never hear about but fortunately advertising revenue and editorial utterances are kept apart. Even so, some people are never satisfied. For...

Page 43 of February 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, February 1977

Chauffeur's Corner

I recently had an interesting chat with Mr. F. P. Mills of Walton, close to the Welsh border on the A44, about motoring long ago. Having helped the chauffeur to the Morland family of Gloucester (the match people) wash the two Rolls-Royces in his care, before the First World War, the 16-yearold youth naturally became interested in cars. So he joined the staff of Mr. Banks of Kington, who taught...

Page 37 of September 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, September 1982


Riley Register THE Riley Register, which caters for all pre-war Coventry-built Rileys, is in a healthy state financially. It has an Autumn Weekend on September 25th / 26th, at which, among other happenings including the dinner and AGM, cars will assemble at 9.30 a.m. on the Sunday on Southport sands, where those motor-races used to be held, for presentation to the Mayor of Southport, before...

Page 35 of December 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, December 1986

Veteran to Classic: VSCC Welsh Trial

The popularity of this annual two-day event was assured before it started, with 90 competitors wanting to have a go, cut down to just over 80 for organisational practicality, although there were not enough to run the one-time Saturday driving-tests. So it started, after an obligatory 100-mile run, from the Rhydspence Inn, where free coffee had been laid on, a later promise being two barrels of...

Page 47 of December 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, December 1987

The Great Marques Vol 1: Rolls Royce

Anyone who likes to drool over photographs of elegant cars will appreciate this offering as a Christmas gift. Its plain, modest encyclopaediaesque cover not only conceals a concours of elegant machinery in gracefully moving colour inside, but seasons the stall for what is clearly intended to be a series for the collector. In this first volume, filmed on location at but one set, an effusive...

Page 38 of November 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, November 1977

Fragments on forgotten makes. No. 36: The Decauville

Decauville cars date back to 1898. First, from the works at Corbeil, Seine-et-Oise, emerged a sort of four-wheeled Bollee, originally called a Geudon. More conventional cars followed and on the strength of some literature kindly provided by a reader, we can look at Decauville as it was in 1906. Founded in 1854 for the manufacture of distilling apparatus, the Company branched out later into the...

Page 44 of June 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, June 1972

Inflation or speculation?

Taking down from the shelves my bound volumes of Motor Sport to indulge in some research, my eyes strayed from the task had embarked on to more interesting items encountered as the pages were turned. I was reminded of motoring I had accomplished years ago, from an uninspiring 1,158 miles in a week in a Ford Squire (it sounds pretty dismal now but wasn't such a chore when this was a new car) to...



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