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Page 22 of March 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, March 1969

Tasman Championship

This year the Tasman series was held over four races in New Zealand and three in Australia, all except one being of about 100 miles in length, the odd one out being the 75-mile Levin race. The Tasman organisers still insist on running their races to a 2½-litre engine capacity limit, but in spite of this a few European racing-car builders are prepared to build special engines for this obsolete...

Page 47 of September 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, September 1969

German Grand Prix

Some Man's Motor Racing Nurburgring, Germany, August 3rd. After the 1,000-kilometre race in June, when Siffert set the fastest lap of the Nürburgring in practice at 8 min. 00.2 sec. with a Porsche 908, and Amon did 8 min. 00.3 sec. with the Ferrari 312P, I remarked that no self-respecting Grand Prix driver would be content with a lap sit over 8 minutes if practice for the Grand Prix would be held...

Page 20 of November 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, November 1968

10th United States Grands Prix

Watkins Glen, N.Y., October 6th Two weeks after the Canadian Grand Prix held in the ski country north of Montreal the Grand Prix "circus" moved south-west into the holiday area of Upper New York State. The village of Watkins Glen gave open-armed welcome to all race-goers, as it does every year, and, as usual, organisation was of the high standard set in previous years. The technical building had...

Page 117 of November 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 117, November 2004

Simon Taylor's notebook

HSCC Roadsports is one way you can go historic racing without a millionaire's budget, or a trailer The generally accepted wisdom is that if you go motor racing it will cost you, and if you go motor racing in an old car it will cost you a lot. At the major historic meetings, priceless cars arrive in huge transporters operated by hired hands who maintain and mend. The owner just turns up to drive,...

Page 46 of April 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, April 1969

Grand Prix of South Africa

Stewart the Master Kyalami, Saturday, March 1st For the last seven years the South African Grand Prix has been held just before or just after New Year's Day, thereby breaking up the Formula One hibernation period. This year, however, the date has been changed so that, although the South African Grand Prix is still the first F.1 race of the year, the teams have no time on their hands before...

Page 8 of October 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, October 1994

Luigi Chinetti

Luigi Chinetti, who passed away recently, knew Enzo Ferrari way back in the '30s, but though the former scored the first of the latter's nine victories at Le Mans with the 166 Mille Miglia Ferrari in 1949 (and owned the car that took the last of them), and though he sold countless of II Commendatore's products as North American distributor, theirs was a relationship based on ambivalence. As a...

Page 24 of March 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, March 1970

The Grand Prix scene

THE FIRST Grand Prix race of 1970 takes place on March 7th in South Africa and it should be outstanding by reason of the number of new cars competing, for all the teams have made remarkable progress during the winter months in getting their 1970 models finished well in time. On the face of things it looks as though there has been a resurgence of enthusiasm for Formula One, but in actual fact this...

Page 50 of August 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, August 1970

Formula Two Review

Rouen, June 28th It seemed almost too good to be true when Hubert Hahne finally broke BMW's Formula Two duck at Hockenheim on June 14, but better was to come a fortnight later at Rouen-les-Essarts. Once again a BMW won, but this time the victory was somehow more convincing, for although the race was a slipstreamer the quality of the entry was much higher. The winner was Jo Siffert, who, like...

Page 46 of October 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, October 1970


The BDC Museum.—We don't know what made us think about the private museum of the Bentley DC unless it was driving a Ford Escort RS, which, like a vintage Bentley, has a four-cylinder sixteen-valve engine. Anyway, the Editor realised that he had never visited it, although he passes through the pleasant village of Long Crendon, above Thame, where the Club's offices are situated, on his back route...

Page 44 of August 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, August 1970

The Dutch Grand Prix

A technical step forward Zandvoort, Holland, June 21st After a certain amount of alarm and despondency the Dutch organisers managed to raise the finance necessary to organise their Grand Prix, and, in fact, they did better than expected in that they could afford to take 20 starters according to the Geneva agreement of the Formula One constructors. They had 27 entries inscribed on their list, of...



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