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Page 33 of August 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, August 1935


VETERAN TYPES A SINGLE CYLINDER SIZAIRE = NAUDIN CAR-BREAKERS' dumps have long exercised over me a sort of horrible fascination. There is something melancholy but arresting about the sight of a relic, once a proud ship of the road, now a mechanical carcase. The bonnet does not fit, the hood is in tatters, someone has parked a lorry engine with a broken crankcase in the back seat, but that little...

Page 15 of January 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, January 1931

Veteran Types

Veteran IK-REBUFF0'5 /924 COPPA FLORIO IT ALA "E. K. H. K's" own veteran racer, truly a car with a history. ON the 10th September, 1905, Raggio driving a 100 h.p. Itala, won the race for the Florio Cup at Brescia, covering the 312 miles at an average speed of 65.39 m.p.h. It was the second race which had been run for the Cup and the first of a new series ; for, starting from 1905, the donor,...

Page 7 of January 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, January 1953

Matters of moment

Mercedes win in Mexico The great victory of Mercedes-Benz in the recent arduous Mexican road race is significant news. It will be remembered that in 1951 this Mexican race, then an exciting innovation in an area unaccustomed to International contests, attracted widespread attention when it was won by the 4.1-litre Ferrari, driven by Taruffi and Chinetti, from another 4.1 Ferrari, handled by...

Page 40 of November 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, November 1963


A section devoted to old-car matters The V.S.C.C. Presteigne Rally (October 5/6th) The annual Vintage S.C.C. Presteigne Rally has a tradition dating back to pre-war days and this year the pilgrimage into wild wet Welsh Wales again took place and the old cars were once again given the freedom of Presteigne. A very big entry had been received, numbering 59 for the Sunday trial alone, which, in...

Page 25 of July 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, July 1949

Italian Victory in Le Mans 24-Hour Race

Chinetti Brings Lord SeIsdon's 2-litre Ferrari in First at Over 82. m.p.h. Delage and Frazer-Nash Second and Third. Heat Takes Heavy Toll, but Six British Cars Finish. Before the war Le Mans was a household word in British motor-racing circles, as well it might be, with British cars winning this gruelling 24-hour sports-car race outright on six occasions. The Germans did much damage to the famous...

Page 3 of September 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, September 1942

Racing car evolution part II: 1909-1916

In the issue of March, 1942, we published a long article by Cecil Clutton dealing with racing car evolution between 1895 and 1908. This contribution was so very well received that it occurred to us to continue this account of the development of the racing car down the years. Articles of this nature involve an immense amount of thought and research, and the author of the original was quite unable...

Page 5 of November 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, November 1943

Veteran types XXVI

A 1924 Grand Prix Sunbeam by Anthony S. Heal the present owner After their historic victory in the 1923 Grand Prix at Tours the Sunbeam Company were not content to rest on their laurels but made a determined effort to produce another world-beating design for the following year's race. The piece de resistance of the event at Tours had undoubtedly been the employment of forced induction on the 8-...

Page 80 of November 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, November 1995

Vintage postbag

The Magneto Scare Sir, Re the pre-W WI magneto situation, when I entered the auto-electrical industry in 1940 I was puzzled by the obvious similarity between the different makes of magneto; they all shared similar methods of construction, shaft and contact breaker taper, etc, and were mostly metric threads. In fact no basic change of design was apparent until the advent of the polar inductor...

Page 76 of April 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, April 1962

FOR SALE -- continued A.V. MOTORS Ltd of 1-15 Park Road, Teddington, Middlesex

M45 RAPIDE '36. Mechanics good. M.O.'l Body fair. £35. lvi.: Slough 20914. 14543 1958 'VINTAGE HEALEY SPRITE. Cream. New tyres and battery, screen-washers, rev.counter. Bargain at h',395 o.n.o. The Old Rectory, Ilorningsea, Cambs. [4544 114, x955, Above average condition. '•X ' S. Overdrive. All gears. Host extras. 0-60, 9 sec. /,,380. Tel. : Sunbury 3593. 14545 MORRIS MINOR moo, Stage II. I•LC....

Page 46 of September 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, September 1930


" ALPHONSE I I ." SOME of the readers of MOTOR SPORT who are of fairly long standing may remember an effusion which once appeared in these pages entitled "Alphonse." For the benefit of those who do not, however, I may remark that the screed in question disclosed various curious details of the later life history of a Hispano-Suiza car which first saw the light of day in 1912, and I would add that...



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