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Page 11 of April 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, April 1942

Cars I have owned

[Capt. L. Roy Taylor, a friend of that great enthusiast Donald Monro, carries on this series, which, quite frankly, has already run for longer than we thought possible. – Ed.] I feel quite strongly that this subject of “Cars I Have Owned” should be left to those whose names are household words in motoring circles. However, my very good friend Donald Monro, to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude...

Page 38 of February 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, February 1987

Swan Song

The Connaught Story Part 4 It is ironic that the Connaught Type B was the company's most successful car, for it was conceived as a stop-gap, against the time when a suitable engine would allow an advanced, rear-engined, monocoque design to be completed. It is ironic, too, that the team's most stirring performances should have come in the final twelve months or so of its existence when its...

Page 12 of December 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, December 2000

Modern Times

Today, if you're an F1 driver, that's what you do. There's no mom in your life for any other motorsport. As well as 17 races, there's all that testing: once the FIA's November ban is over, most teams move straight into a hectic programme. McLaren are hard at it in Spain from Monday 4 December. Plus jetting from country to country to remind the fans of the virtues of your sponsor's products....

Page 56 of June 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, June 1979


Rodney Clarke It is with sadness that we have to record the death of Rodney Clarke, in the middle of May after a short illness, at the early age of 62. Clarke was the driving force behind the Connaught sports and racing cars that brought a high standard of design and manufacture into the British motor racing scene after the 1939-1945 war. With financial backing from Ken MacAlpine, of the renowned...

Page 18 of June 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, June 1942

Club news

750 Club The 750 Club meeting at the "Osterley" on May 3rd went over big, as usual, many useful contacts being made, much motoring conversation indulged in, and, best of all, George Monkhouse showed his inimitable films of Grand Prix racing of the 1935-38 period. There is no gainsaying the value of these meetings as a break from the monotony or excitement of war-effort existence, and everyone who...

Page 13 of December 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, December 1955

Matters of Moment

Bravo Britain! The 1955 motor-racing season ended with two achievements over which Britain is perfectly justified in blowing her own trumpet. We refer to the outright victory of 23-year-old C. A. S. Brooks in a Connaught against the works Maseratis at Syracuse, and the capture of International Class c records at Montlhèry, including the coveted " hour,"by a Cooper-Climax running on pump fuel. At...

Page 35 of November 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, November 1982


MOTOR SHOW 82 It used to be the case that the launching of a new model actually took place on the manufacturer's stand at one of the important Motor Shows. Today. not only have those in the trade already seen, and sometimes driven, the supposedly secret product, but the general public too will have been fed more-or-less unofficial leakages, together with grainy photographs of prototypes in...

Page 29 of January 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, January 1957

Britain And Grand Prix Racing

Since the article of the above title appeared in the November issue of Motor Sport, there has been a considerable amount of interest taken. Many agreed fully with all that was said, while others thought certain teams had been dealt with too harshly. Perhaps the most gratifying result of the article was the interesting correspondence that was received from Connaught Engineering, supplied by their...

Page 71 of May 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 71, May 2009

Lunch with John Coombs

That he ran so many top-line drivers is proof of how successful a car entrant John Coombs was. Today, in his eighties, his enthusiasm for enjoying classic machinery still burns bright By Simon Taylor Motor racing’s history is peppered with significant private entrants – highly professional operators who were content to provide cars for others to race, in return for the joy of being involved. In...

Page 14 of October 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, October 1957

Continental Notes

This continual winning by British Formula 1 cars is something we have all been waiting for, and, personally, I have been waiting 25 years for this to happen. No matter whether it is Vanwall beating all-comers at Monza, or B.R.M. beating a lot of also-runs at Silverstone, they are Formula 1 victories by British cars, and that to me is a state of affairs on which we cannot improve. There are people...



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