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Page 17 of June 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, June 1958


It is with a feeling of intense sadness that we publish the news of Scott-Brown's death following the accident at Spa. " Archie," as the very fast driver was known not only to his many friends but to motor-sport enthusiasts everywhere, was an object-lesson in those in adversity, for although physically be was far from 100 per cent., very few raring drivers could keep up with him through the...

Page 12 of September 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, September 1957

The Swedish Grand Prix

A Maserati Victory Kristianstad, August, 11th. Although the race in Sweden was entitled Grand Prix, it was for sports-cars and had the importance of counting towards the Manufacturers' Championship. Held on the same narrow bumpy circuit as in previous years, the race differed only in that this year it was for a period of six hours, instead of 1,000 kilometres, it being felt that a time race would...

Page 28 of July 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, July 1957

The A.D.A.C. 1,000-Kilometre Race—Nurburgring

Aston Martin's Greatest Victory Adenau, May 26th. With a race of the nature of the 1,000-kilometres at Nurburgring the practice periods are more in the nature of proving and testing periods than practice as applied to a Grand Prix race. The Nurburgring, with its 22.81 kilometres of twists and turns, demands the utmost from drivers and cars, and a race over 1,000 kilometres requires careful...

Page 23 of September 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, September 1955


Formula 1 Vanwall and Connaught Win Convincingly at Snetterton International Meeting The ambitious and untiring West Essex C.C. were unlucky with their International Meeting at Snetterton on August 13th, inasmuch as after a record dry, hot summer, familiar weather returned on this day and rain fell during the earlier races. This did not prevent, however, a great crowd of 40,000 keen spectators...

Page 30 of July 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, July 1970

Reflections in the forest of the Ardennes

The Belgian Grand Prix Now we shall never know. One of the most interesting talking points this season has been the relative merits of Grand Prix cars and sports cars, particularly the new 5-litre Group 5 sports cars, the 917 Porsche and the 512S Ferrari. The comparison of Grand Prix cars and sports cars has always been a topic of conversation among motoring enthusiasts and many a discussion has...

Page 41 of May 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, May 1958

Continental notes

Italy really did get itself into an unhappy state over real motor racing, but after the initial ban on all events on other than closed tracks, such as Monza, there are signs of common sense prevailing and normality returning. In Sicily things were quite healthy for the Siracusa race took place on the usual road circuit and the Targa Florio has been reinstated as a World Championship event, while...

Page 16 of September 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, September 1956

Continental notes

For many years now it has been a popular misconception that the top Grand Prix drivers handle their cars in impeccable fashion, always placing the wheels to within fractions of inches of the edge of the road, or skimming their hub caps past walls so close that it is difficult to see daylight between them. When a top Grand Prix driver is going fast yet in his own time, then this is fairly true and...

Page 16 of October 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, October 1957

The International Trophy Meeting - Silverstone

Motor Racing Variety Silverstone, September 14th Under normal circumstances the Daily Express sponsored meeting at Silverstone is held in May, but this year the petrol rationing frightened the organisers into postponing their race meeting until a suitable date could be found. This turned out to be the day scheduled for the R.A.C. Tourist Trophy, which seems fated not to happen regularly, and in...

Page 86 of July 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 86, July 1991

From the archives -- Connaught

The First to Succeed The B-Type Formula One Connaught holds a very special place in British motor racing history. It came at a time when Britain, newly re-committed to Grand Prix racing, was still struggling against the established Continental constructors. Enthusiasts had lived through the frustration of the failed V16 BRM programme, and then the unfulfilled promise of the newer British...

Page 37 of January 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, January 1956


BRITAIN AND GRAND PRIX RACING FOR many years now I have stood on the edges of most of the circuits of Europe watching Grand Prix racing and have had to spend a considerable time groaning inwardly, and often outwardly, at pathetic attempts being made by British cars and drivers in an endeavour to become part of the Grand Prix circle. This accepted all-time high in motor racing has been the happy...



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