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Page 54 of August 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, August 2002

Driver opinions

Only two men have driven works-built 131 and Escort in the relevant period : Björn Waldegård and Simo Lampinen. Lampinen: 'The Escort was fantastic, a real joy. You could do 20 things wrong and still get it back each time. It was a natural oversteerer. So long as you could turn the wheel, you were okay. And the engine was unbelievable. "The Fiat was more of a racing car. It helped to be really...

Page 31 of March 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, March 1975

Rally Review - Winter Classics

Monte Carlo Rally What went wrong with the Monte Carlo Rally this year ? Why was it that only 96 cars set out from the various starting points whereas two years ago, when the rally was last held, it attracted all of 270? The reasons are simple enough; the organisers increased the entry fee from 1,500 francs in 1973 to 3,000, piled on the useless kilometres of the concentration run to something...

Page 86 of February 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 86, February 1998

Heal & toe hero

When Simo Lampinen caught polio as a child, his doctor said he would die. John Davenport recounts how he defied medical opinion and recovered to become one of the rally greats. There is a Finnish word that sums up in four letters an attitude to life that could take a slim volume to express in English. That word is ‘sisu’. The dictionary gives it as 'determination, stoicism', but to a Finn it...

Page 12 of January 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, January 1966

Fourth Welsh Internatioal Rally

Results : General Classification : 1st : R. Clark/G. Robson; (Lotus-Cortina) 2,221 penalties. 2nd : S. Lampinen/J. Davenport; (Triumph 2000) 2,777 penalties. 3rd : R. Fidler/A.J. Taylor (Triumph 2000) 3,393 penalties. 4th : W. Fritchy/J,R. Gray (Cooper 'S') 3,625 penalties. 5th : B. Culcheth/J. Brown (Cooper "S") 3.868 penalties. 6th : C. Malkin/J, Gonn (Cooper 'S') 4.095 penalties. 7th : M....

Page 52 of January 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, January 1973

RAC Rally

Proving his mastery of the UK forests Roger Clark (above) became the first British driver to win the RAC Rally in 12 years. Clark, driving a works-prepared Ford Escort with 2-litre aluminium block BDA engine with fuel injection, led virtually from start to finish. His co-driver was Tony Mason. Appearing for the first time in the UK in Marlboro colours the two works Lancias of Harry Kallstrom/...

Page 69 of November 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 69, November 1978

Around and About

A sporting three-wheeler Believing that there might be a market for a sporting three-wheeler, on the lines of the immortal but no-longer-produced Morgan, we are interested to hear that such a car is being built in Norfolk, and if the vicious Type-Approval regulations can be overcome, that it may go into production. The builder is well aware that he may incur the wrath of certain people in the...

Page 72 of May 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, May 1978

The Safari Rally

Rain, mud, torrent and flood Just as a delicious meal serves no purpose whatsoever if laid before empty chairs, so the best rally in the world can be quite insignificant without competitors of sufficient talent to appreciate it. Towards the end of 1977 there was much speculation concerning the entry which the 1978 Safari Rally was likely to attract, particularly as both Ford and the Fiat/Lancia...

Page 72 of October 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, October 1975

Rally Review

Rally of the Thousand Lakes When the Rally of the Thousand Lakes used to take place at the end of August, up to 1972, it had a few things in common with the Welsh Rally; it was short, from Friday to Sunday, and it always rained. No visitor was ever left in doubt where those thousands of lakes came from, for they invariably fell from the sky when the rally was on. Then the event moved to the...

Page 33 of February 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, February 1977

Rally review - Works teams in 1977

By the time this edition of Motor Sport is published the first major rally of 1977 will be just over, but it is most unlikely that January's Monte-Carlo Rally will have provided any significant insight into what lies in store for the rest of the year. Only one manufacturer, to our knowledge, has expressed any intention of having a determined and organised bid at the 1977 World Rally Championship...

Page 24 of January 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, January 1966

Rally Review

R.A.C Rally of Great Britain The marvellous thing about rallying is that, unlike racing, the weather very seldom is allowed to interfere with the running of the event and both drivers and organisers have been known to welcome bad weather with open arms. While it would be true to say that no rally driver positively enjoys driving fast—or slowly for that matter—through fog or falling snow, or over...



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