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Page 14 of September 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, September 2014

Matters of moment

Following our revealing interview with FIA president Jean Todt last month, you may recall that we posted a copy of our ‘Formula 1 manifesto for change’, printed in our April issue, to Luca di Montezemolo. The Ferrari chairman has taken it upon himself to cajole the major players to discuss the future of Grand Prix racing, and we couldn’t resist giving him a nudge towards our ideas to shake up the...

Page 57 of September 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, September 1991

Veteran to classic -- 40/50 Panhard Levassor

In the Grand Manner "Panhard and Levassor since the 'nineties' of the last century have been names to conjure with, and few cars throughout the whole of the Motor Industry have so high a reputation. An inspection of the chassis at Olympia proves that they are built to last indefinitely and discloses several interesting points of design, for example the engine and the four-wheel brakes, which...

Page 31 of May 1985 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, May 1985

Safari Rally

When a rally takes place in some of the toughest terrain imaginable, is run smoothly and efficiently by organisers whose fingers are always at the control buttons, and Is blessed by a talented field of the world's best drivers, it has the necessary ingredients for a superb and memorable competition. Add the inevitable African seasoning of unpredictable and rapidly changing weather conditions and...

Page 40 of May 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, May 1983

Motoring as it was

A look back to the roads of the 1920s (Continued from last month)  We left "Owen John", whose past motoring fortunes we are pondering, at the 1921 Motor Show. After this he visited the Motorcycle Show, but seems to have been impressed only by the Ner-a-Car and the Peters, apart from being able to tell the vendors that the Hellesen dry-battery lamp he bought the previous year was still working. He...

Page 40 of December 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, December 1973

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters ⁂ Sir, In reference to Harry Hawker's Mercedes-Sunbeam aero engined special — you say that after Hawker's death in 1921 the car disappeared. Well, not according to an article in the Riley Record of July 1934. I quote: "a representative of the Riley Record recently discovered what must be one of the biggest cars in everyday use, the car which is the property of...

Page 48 of October 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, October 1950


Sir, Nir. C. . It. Smith's 1(•I ter it) your May issue prompts IRV tic :-W11(1 y(III a 1)11340 taken last week [not reproduced, -End of taty " 1.1 " 1). 1.8.8. Delage 925 with hotly hy 11 ippon Bros. This car is thoroughbred imc every El!Speel. aicct driven quietly will do 30 m.p.g. fil consumption is tibout. the same as that of Mr. Smith's car. I ant, Yours. etc., Ilanstead. CLEMENT F. C..II(n....

Page 33 of November 1924 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, November 1924

Round the Clubs

Round the Clubs THE NORTH LONDON MOTOR CYCLING CLUB. The Surprise Event, conducted by Mr. L. V. Freeman, was run off with complete success on October 4th. Competitors were verbally acquainted, at the commencement, as to the whereabouts of the first of a series of red boxes which were concealed about the countryside, the road in the vicinity being marked with blue dye. The first box, when found,...

Page 16 of September 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, September 1961

Worth looking at…

It is pleasing that Smiths Motor Accessories are continuing their series of "Worth Looking At…" advertisements wherein they fit fashion model to new car to draw attention to a facia (the car's not the girl's) equipped with Smiths instruments. Taking a cue from these layouts, the owner of a Ford Consul Classic will look for a wind-swept brunette in a casual, long-sleeved sweater, the sportsman in...

Page 21 of November 1945 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, November 1945

Readers' Sales and Wants

To meet the repeated demands for something on the lines of the old Spare Parts Announcements, we have instituted a system of inexpensive advertisements. Each announcement must be limited to twelve words, plus the advertiser's sufficient postal address, and the charge will be 1s. 6d. per announcement, payable at time of posting. For Sale Grand Prix Bugatti Spares and Service F.O Cleveland Harmer...

Page 87 of July 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 87, July 1976

That Lost Jaguar Mk.V

Sir, I read with interest Mr. Colyer's letter in the June issue of Motor Sport, concerning his Mk. V Jaguar, registration mark EDP 100. I owned this car briefly during 1966/67. It was a 1949 3 1/2-litre saloon, chassis 620183, originally painted gunmetal blue, and supplied to Henlys. From there it went to Great Western Motors, at that time Jaguar Distributors in Reading, and then to Mr. Smith,...



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