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Page 35 of January 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, January 1967

Cars in books

Last October I referred in this series to "En Route" in which Roy Trevor described three significant Continental tours undertaken in Edwardian times in a 70 h.p. Mercedes. In concluding, I mentioned that the author was contemplating a further tour and wondered whether it had formed the subject of another book. Stanley Sedgwick, President of the Bentley D.C., provided the answer, when he lent me "...

Page 46 of December 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, December 1972

Our roads are getting faster

Just before it suspended publication, Autocar carried the story of how Stanley Sedgwick, President of the Bentley DC, covered more than 1,000 miles in 24 hours on British roads in his open 1931 8-litre Bentley. He used much Motorway, did not exceed the legal speed-limit, and averaged 56.9 m.p.h. overall, a running-time average of 64.8 m.p.h. His first 700 miles were covered in a running time of...

Page 13 of August 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, August 1963

The Brooklands Re-Union (June 29th)

Following in the tyre tracks of Rex Judd, whose splendid idea the Brooklands Re-Union of Weybridge racing motorcyclists was, Dudley Gahagan and William Boddy, Editor of Motor Sport, decided that so many people—drivers, mechanics, journalists and spectators—have such happy memories of the old Motor Course that the car side, too, should have its Re-Union. This duly took place at the "Hand &...

Page 77 of December 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 77, December 1996

Stanley Sedgwick

Stanley Sedgwick, Patron of the Bentley Drivers Club and an exceedingly influential personality in so many fields, especially those concerned with the older cars, died peacefully on October 25 of pneumonia, a complication of cancer. His devoted wife Con was at his side. Sedgwick, a top company accountant, was wealthy enough to enjoy his motoring without any association with the motor trade, the...

Page 28 of April 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, April 1954

Bentley Drivers

In a caption to a photograph on page 121 of last month's issue an error in typescript implied that Stanley Sedgwick is president of the Bentley Owners' Club — now the "W. O." Club. This is, of course, incorrect — Mr. Sedgwick is president of the Bentley Drivers' Club.

Page 22 of May 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, May 1947

Club News

We Hear R. W. Pollack knows of ten keen Frazer-Nash owners in the Birmingham area. His own Black burn-engined "Shelsley" Frazer-Nash is being fitted with a Clyde supercharger by Chris. Shorrock. Leslie Seyd has very thoroughly rebuilt the ex-Shakespeare 1913 "12/14" Mors and also has the 1912 14-h.p. Gregoire. L. W. Thomas is building a 2-seater "special", using 3 in. by 16-g. tubular chassis...

Page 38 of August 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, August 1962

To Goodwood in a Galaxie

THE B.A.R.C. explained that its Festival of Motoring at Goodwood on July 14th was intended as a day of relaxation, so I arranged to drive down in a Ford Galaxie 500 "Fodor" sedan, which, on account of space, pace and all things smoothly automatic, provides a very restful form of motoring. MOTOR SPORT has long preached the gospel of a garden-party at Goodwood, but only in this Jubilee year of the...

Page 45 of June 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, June 1979

Vintage postbag

Bentley Facts Sir, Oh dear! Those Bentley production figures again. I thought I had laid all this to rest in "All the pre-war Bentleys — as new" when I wrote that the figures (which I summarise below) superseded all those previously published and must, I think, stand unchallenged for all time. The statement was based on the research work I did in the course of compilation which included, inter...

Page 42 of March 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, March 1973


DONINGTON PARK.—Work proceeds apace with the reconstruction of the Donington Park racing circuit and one or two alterations are being made in order to conform with present day racing standards, but the general shape and character of the circuit will remain much as it was in 1939, when it was last used for motor racing. Much further advanced, however, is the Donington Park racing car museum, which...

Page 93 of July 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 93, July 1986

Book reviews

The Bentley Drivers' Club has included in its Jubilee celebrations the publication of its "Golden Jubilee Book — 1936-1986", which is one of those excellent ideas which has definitely come off. By which we mean that it provides a wealth of interesting reading matter for Club members and sports-car enthusiasts who do not belong to the BDC. being one of those unusual books unfortunately all too...



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