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Page 12 of May 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, May 1999

Modern Times

Now the new Formula One season is properly up and running, the fortnightly rhythm of real racing is gradually overwhelming the political issues that filled so many column inches during the winter. But the subtexts will still be there: Bernie Ecclestone remains determined to amend the financial structure of Formula One, with or without the participation of traditional City institutions, and...

Page 22 of June 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, June 1996

I've Started so I'll Finish

Jan Magnussen may be starring in the ITC, but he still hankers after an F1 opportunity. Marcus Simmons found out why They used to say that when you commented on the youth of policemen, you must be getting old. Nowadays it seems that, instead of the boys in blue, it's the lads racing touring cars that seem to be only just out of school. This year, it could well be that the International Touring...

Page 10 of February 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, February 1996

101 damnations?

Ken Tyrrell outlines some potential pitfalls ahead for the Stewart-Ford dream team They once formed a sporting partnership to rival the likes of Lillee and Thomson, Torvill and Dean, or Clough and Taylor. Three times in five years Ken Tyrrell and Jackie Stewart proved their combination to be the best in the motorsport world. Two decades on, they are still friends. Soon they will be rivals, too....

Page 24 of April 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, April 2000


There's always been more to Jackie Stewart than his driving ability. He's also been team owner, safety campaigner and unashamed promoter of other people's products. Russell Bulgin assesses the career of the prototypical modern racing driver. In order to appropriately mythologise Jackie Stewart, he really should be dead, the better to fulfil the time-served, cruelly macho parapsychology of his...

Page 60 of May 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, May 2005

Too much too young - Jan Magnussen

Jackie Stewart billed Jan Magnussen as the next Senna. Then he sacked him. How could arguably the biggest talent of the 1990s have failed so dramatically in F1? Andrew Benson unravels the mystery Jan Magnussen is under few illusions about his Formula One career. "I let myself down," he says, "and that always hurts. I planned to be world champion and it didn't happen." In another life — or perhaps...

Page 5 of February 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, February 1996


12:Durango, a midfield Formula 3000 team, announces Formula One ambitions for 1997. 13:ITV snatches coverage of Grand Prix racing from the BBC. with effect from 1997, with a deal which will see it pay FOCA 10 times the 'Beeb's' going rate. Veteran commentator Murray Walker, above, is left contemplating the possibility that he has just one more season remaining in F1, although sections of Britain'...

Page 16 of February 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, February 1996

The Time Lord

Why, two decades after he quit the sport as champion, is Jackie Stewart returning with his own team? He may, as one Ford executive suggests, be the customer from hell, but when it comes to being an ambassador, Jackie Stewart is surely heaven sent. Which is why the manufacturer's relationship with Stewart has spanned 31 years. And why it will sink an estimated 100 million pounds into his new...

Page 34 of November 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, November 2007

Clause for concern

The paragraphs highlighted in the FIA document above are at the core of Formula 1’s biggest scandal. McLaren has been fined 100 million dollars and stripped of its Constructor points, not for stealing designs, not for offering bribes, but for possibly gaining, through the actions of a disgruntled Ferrari employee, a theoretical intellectual advantage – an advantage which the FIA itself says would...

Page 24 of March 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, March 2000

They're back and this time it's serious

Jaguar might have concentrated on sports and saloon car racing in the past but now it want just one thing: to reach the very top of Motor Racing. Mark Hughes meets those who took Jaguar to goly in the past and assesses its chanced in the harsh world of Formula One On this, the eve of Jaguar's Third Coming, there might seem to be little of much relevance in its sports car programmes of the 1950s...

Page 12 of October 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, October 1999

Modern Times

For most of the season, each Formula One team is in a constant state of double-focus. It has to concentrate on this week's race; and it has to be working just as hard on the challenge of next season. From mid-year the designers will already be conceiving the new car, and if too many resources are devoted to staying competitive from Silverstone onwards, there is a danger in of arriving in...



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