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Page 39 of March 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, March 1976

The things they say....

"Ford did the thing in style. Every agent and distributor helped, pilot cars waited outside every city to guide Ford competitors, a full and wonderful service was available throughout—and that kind of service pays dividends".—Not a description of some Stuart Turner organisation on a recent rally, but S. C. H. Davis writing in 1951 about the 1936 Monte Carlo Rally, won by Cristea and Zampfirescu...

Page 116 of August 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 116, August 2014

Lunch with... David Brodie

For much of his 50 years in British racing he was a serial winner, and he rubbed shoulders with the Formula 1 crowd as wellWriter Simon Taylor | Photographer James Mitchell As we know, Formula 1 has pretty much taken over the motor sporting world. It gets almost all of the media coverage, almost all of the money and virtually all of the glory. A whole new generation of people who think of...

Page 100 of February 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 100, February 2014

Lunch With... Steve Soper

This serial race winner and straight talker remained a factory driver for almost 20 years. No shortage of anecdotes here, then...Writer Simon Taylor | Photographer James Mitchell Most of the best drivers who earn their living in sports or touring cars have at least cut their teeth in the single-seater formulae. Steve Soper is different. This man racked up a fine career over more than 20 years,...

Page 48 of February 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, February 1976

The Texaco Tour of Britain

The Texaco oil company has saved the 1976 Tour of Britain, threatened with cancellation by the withdrawal of sponsorship by Avon and Motor. The Texaco Tour, organised by the BRSCC as usual, will be longer than the three previous events and the prize fund will be larger. The BRSCC's Peter Browning hopes for entries from several Grand Prix drivers (James Hunt is confirmed already) and Ford's Stuart...

Page 35 of September 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, September 1983

Interview: Terry Hoyle

Unlike their racing counterparts, rallying's engine builders rarely receive recognition for their labours. It's hard to pin down the exact reason, but probably the situation isn't helped by the factory-based rally teams. In the "assemblatore" world of single-seater racing, the choice of engine builders and power units themselves is wide and varied. It's a buyers' market. Rallying has never got to...

Page 50 of May 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, May 2003

Ove achiever

The spot on the F1 pit wall which Ove Andersson occupies today seems a far cry from his background as a top-line rally driver. But, as John Davenport explains, these early experiences were crucial in shaping Toyota's motorsport general It cannot have escaped your notice that several successful rally men have migrated to the world of Formula One in recent years. Ferrari has two, its president and...

Page 30 of October 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, October 1971

Rally review

Whoever it was first had the idea that car manufacturers could make some useful publicity for themselves if they advertised the quality of their products when one of them happened to he successful in a rally, sowed the seed from which sprouted factory competitions departments. It was natural that a manufacturer would sit up and take notice if one of his cars was driven to victory in a worthwhile...

Page 42 of August 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, August 1975

Rallying's outstanding era remembered by Stuart Turner

Stuart Turner was one of the many keen and enthusiastic young men who have worked within the pages of our contemporary Motoring News, founding the Verglas rally column, which is still a weekly feature today. He is perhaps the best known of those to grace those pages, leaving to take the post of Competition Manager to BMC in 1961. The succcesses recorded by the Big Healeys and shrill Mini...

Page 20 of February 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, February 1971

Surprise new sporting Ford

The Ford Motor Company caused quite a stir at the Brussels Show last month when they unveiled a new mid-engined two-seater sports prototype which must have sent a shiver down the spines of a lot of the specialist manufacturers. The attractively-styled car, called the GT70, is, say Ford, the next logical step in the company's wide and successful international competition programme. At present...

Page 59 of October 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 59, October 2002

Ford - Weslake V12

The Blue Oval's investment in Cosworth's DFV was repaid many times over. But Ford didn't always hit the jackpot. Keith Howard tells the story of an engine that met all its design criteria, yet which still proved an embarrassment to its paymasters Aesthetically, Rye Harbour is a million miles from its parent town. Whereas mediaeval Rye, perched high on a nearby hill, is cobbled streets, sagging...



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