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Page 64 of July 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, July 2000

Aston's Hot Wyer Projects

John Wyer's final fling with Aston Martin created the beautiful, fast but frail project cars. Chris Nixon's recounts a tale of high hopes and dashed chances "In the first week of February 1962, John Wyer called me into his office on the Monday and said, 'I want to go to Le Mans with a new car.' You're joking!', I said. 'No, I'm serious. What can you do? And I don't want just a DB4 tarted up. I...

Page 58 of June 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, June 1989

From the archives: Aston Martin's World Championship

Mission accomplished Aston Martin finally succeeded in winning the Le Mans 24-Hour Race, and the World Championship, in 1959, but to the huge disappointment of British fans David Brown immediately renounced sports-car racing in favour of Formula One, to develop the attractive DBR4 and DBR5 single-seaters which turned out to have already been rendered obsolete by the rear-engined Cooper-Climax....

Page 32 of September 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, September 2002


1956 ASTON MARTIN DBS3/10 IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A STROLL IN FREDDIE MARCH'S park. After all, hadn't Jaguar's works trio recently covered 7532 miles, at more than 104mph, to score a superb 1-2-4 at Le Mans? And hadn't they beaten Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Lancia in the process? And this, remember, was the ground-breaking C-type's second success at La Sarthe: lighter, more powerful than its 1951...

Page 20 of June 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, June 2012

Ted Cutting

The designer of the 1959 Le Mans winning Aston Martin DBR1 has died at the age of 85. Cutting became chief designer at Aston’s competitions department from 1955 and drew the DBR1 almost single-handed. It was his most successful design, winning eight major events, Le Mans included, in 1956-59. He was also responsible for Aston’s DBR4 and DBR5 grand prix cars and the DB4GT-based ‘Project’...

Page 84 of August 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 84, August 2009

"A good car overtaken by events" John Wyer

The DBR4 could have made Aston Martin a Grand Prix winner, but its delayed debut rendered it obsolete. It’s a cautionary tale for David Richards if he takes the marque back into F1… By Andrew Frankel The winter of 1957-58 must have been an interesting time for John Wyer and David Brown, the men charged with determining the future direction of Aston Martin’s racing endeavours. Some might even say...

Page 55 of October 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, October 2013

100 reasons why we love Aston Martin

There are certain companies that immedately conjure a British way of life. Aston Martin is one of those. Redolent of polished wood, the scent of leather, of pulling up at polo match or cricket pitch, it is a name recognised across the world. This year the company celebrates its centenary something which few of its early figureheads would have predicted. It's been a rocky100 years, an anxious...

Page 52 of January 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, January 2002

Mercedes 300SLR

The man we must thank for the beautiful and successful DBR1 has a high regard for the car he wanted to beat. Fate denied a head-to-head, but he knows the battle would have been tough You man be wondering by the time you finish reading the article why I chose this car. It's true, I have some concerns about it, things I would do differently, for every car is flawed. But that doesn't stop it from...

Page 24 of May 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, May 2001

Sunday drive in the Eifel

Tony Brooks is one of the all-time greats and a master of understatement - the headline is his. It refers to his epic win for Aston Martin alongside Noel Cunningham-Reid in the 1957 Nurburgring 1000km. Motor Sport is delighted that, after some cajoling, he agreed to write about that momentous victory On paper, we didn't stand a chance, a 3-litre Aston Martin driven by two relative rookies versus...

Page 71 of January 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 71, January 1995

Book Reviews

Aston Martin – The Compleat Car, various authors. Palawan, £250. £250 for a car book? Surely not. Well, to lean on a well-used metaphor, a Jaguar performs just as well as a Rolls-Royce, but there is something indefinable about the R-R which compels people to spend the extra. So it is when inspecting this enormous volume: it is complete, and it is beautiful. Its creator is Simon Draper, owner of...

Page 82 of January 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, January 2003

Terms of endurance

Soundly beaten by scuderia Ferrari in the 1958 world sportscar championship, Aston Martin was supposed to be concentrating on its Formula One campaign in 1959. So how come David Brown's men ended up taming the prancing horse on the two-seater front? Chris Nixon, the author of Sportscar Heaven, explains The late 1950s was a great period of sportscar racing. Even though Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and...



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