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Page 37 of December 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, December 1937


THE FLOWER OF THE GLOUCESTER ONLY TWO CARS CLIMB ALL THE HILLS BREAKHEART WELL NAMED THEtwenty -sevei4 Ii London Gloucester Trial was promoted by the North-West London Motor Club on December 4th, aini bad weather lent even greatcr severity to one of the stiffest courses that a big event has seen. Only two drivers, out of a total of seventy-seven starters, came through with a clean sheet. These...

Page 57 of August 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, August 1965

Alfa Romeo experiences

Sir, I have read your report "A Tale of Two Alfas" and also Mr. Tongue's reply and as the latter must be unaware of what actually happens to Alfa owners, I am writing to place a few facts on record. As an aside on the subject of spares and service, anyone who has approached his insurance broker regarding an Alfa will have heard the tales of the difficulties experienced in the past. I am afraid...

Page 45 of May 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, May 1983

A day in the life of a Ford Sierra 2.3 Ghia

Having remarked that to the enthusiast motoring should be as satisfying as the cars in which it is conducted, when the top-model of the Ford Sierra range, in the form of a luxury-equipped 2.3-litre Sierra Ghia 5 door Hatchback came along for test, having reported favourably on the 1.6L Sierra last December, I thought it expedient to comment on its suitability for a long day's haul instead of...

Page 57 of August 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, August 1965

Alfa Romeo experiences

Sir, The rather rude and ill-tempered letter written by Mr. Tongue, Chairman of Thomson & Taylor (Brooklands) Ltd., and published by you under the heading of "A Tale of Two Alfas," prompts me to relate on experience I had about nine months ago, of his Company. At that time, I was interested in the possibility of buying an Alfa Giulia Spyder, and being on my way by road from London to...

Page 19 of June 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, June 1965


Sir, In spite of your invitation for readers to either confirm or dispel the anxiety expressed by your contributor, his remarks would have elicited a reply from me in any event. As Chairman of Thomson & Taylor (Brooklands) Ltd., I take strong exception to implications contained in your report. The impression which you have given is that Thomson & Taylor's were responsible for providing...

Page 22 of August 1941 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, August 1941


BOOK REVIEWS "Dick Seaman," by Prince Chula of Thailand (G. T. Foulis & Co., Ltd. 8s. 6d.). Prince Chula of Thailand deserves warm congratulations from every angle on his latest, and long-promised, book—the biography of the late Richard Seaman. He tells a very readable story of the whole of Dick's life, from childhood to his racing days, from exploits with Bugatti, M.G., E.R.A. and the famous...


August 2019
100 years, three cars, one epic track test



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