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Page 54 of April 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, April 2014

Maserati 250F

Owners’ Workshop ManualIan Wagstaff By now calling these historical diversions ‘owners’ manuals is an old joke, but the format works well, offering more technical information on the subject vehicle than a conventional history. This one is particularly rich in content, combining a compact but useful run through the evolution with drivers’ opinions of this Fifties favourite. It has input from...

Page 40 of September 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, September 2005

A mini adventure

40 years ago Goodwood held its last Formula One race. It was the final year of the 1.5-litre formula, which despite its critics provided some of the finest racing ever at the Sussex track. By Gordon Cruickshank. Photography by James Mann.   Picture it. The FIA has just decreed that racing's top formula will now run with 2-litre engines. Instantly the field is open to a stack of small teams, and...

Page 42 of September 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, September 2012

Goodwood revisited

Sir, For the sake of historical accuracy, I feel I must respond to the letter from Mr Len Terry on the subject of Stirling Moss's Goodwood accident on April 23 1962. In addition to being a Director of Stirling Moss Ltd and his personal manager, I was at the time team manager of the UDT Racing Team, who entered the car, and also a foundation director of The British Racing Partnership. I was also...

Page 50 of October 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, October 2010

The green shoots of sponsorship

As the first fully-backed team in Formula 1, the British Racing Partnership was envied by the works teams – who finally shut them out It’s what every team manager dreams of: a generous sponsor, a big budget, top cars and someone the press can call the world’s best driver. Today it’s the standard objective. Fifty years ago, when sponsorship meant little more than free tyres and oil, it seemed – to...

Page 18 of January 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, January 1966

Grand Prix News for 1966

Not long ago it looked as though the new Formula for Grand Prix racing was going to get away to a slow start, but the last few weeks have seen a splendid upsurge in activity and preparation for the start of the 1966 season. A lot of gloomy people were going around saying that 1966 Grand Prix racing was going to be a farce, with drivers using tired old bodged up cars made from obsolete parts, such...

Page 106 of April 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 106, April 1997

Two young to die

Chris Bristow and Alan Stacey were two of Britain's brightest F1 hopes until till they died in the same race, David Tremayne remembers them The record books hold few entries for him yet Chris Bristow is now remembered by some who knew him as "a Michael Schumacher of his day". A meteor in the true sense, his career took off in dramatic style only to plunge spectacularly. Nor do the books remember...

Page 134 of October 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 134, October 2012

Tony Robinson

The biography of a race mechanic by Ian Wagstaff To be Stirling Moss' favoured mechanic would be honour enough, but Tony Robinson's career also includes touring Europe with privateer Bruce Halford, designing and building what was arguably the first El monococque, looking after lnnes Ireland, Stuart Lewis-Evans, Masten Gregory and Graham Hill among many drivers, working for Cooper and employing a...

Page 38 of July 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, July 1963

Three new grand prix cars

At Francorchamps three entirely new Formula 1 cars appeared in public for the first time and took part in the Belgian Grand Prix. These were the B.R.P., the Scirocco and the long-awaited A.T.S. Such are the fortunes of racing that none of them finished the race, for various minor reasons, but they did actually start their competition career in the Belgian Grand Prix. The B.R.P. car is a product...

Page 92 of March 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, March 2005

X-ray spec -- Cooper T81-Maserati

A change of formula gave this marque its final F1 fling. Keith Howard talks to two of its players Having scaled the heights of back-to-back wins in both the drivers' and constructors' championships in 1959-60, Cooper found the terrain beyond steeply downhill. In 1961 it finished fourth in the constructors' standings, in '62 third, and from 1963-5 only fifth. Particularly galling to the Surrey...

Page 78 of November 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, November 2013

Two-tone talent

The press called him a tearaway, but those close to him saw a smooth, determined driver a natural, and a possible champion By reputation he was wild, but those who knew Chris Bristow believe his extraordinary speed was never properly appreciated. Sadly, his full potential would never be realised. “Chris Bristow would probably have become World Champion,” says Ken Gregory. He then reconsiders his...



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