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Page 116 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 116, July 2014

Three colours red

Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Ferrari flew the flag for Italy with elegant style – and success. How they did it, so rapidly after the ravages of war, is a remarkable tale grounded in politics and passionWriter Richard Williams Alfa Romeo’s team of cherry-red Tipo 158s took the first three places in the inaugural round of the Formula 1 world championship at Silverstone on May 13, 1950, with Nino Farina...

Page 13 of August 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, August 1955

Matters of Moment

The British Grand Prix After a period of over a month without a major motor race, Aintree became the animated scene of the B.A.R.C. British Grand Prix on July 16th, and, run off in hot summer weather before a vast crowd estimated at 150,000, the race was happily devoid of accident, confirming that Grands Prix with evenly-matched cars driven by the leading exponents are the safest form of racing...

Page 36 of June 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, June 1955

XIII Grand Prix De Monaco

A Race of Surprises, Ferrari Win the Grand Prix of Europe Monte Carlo, May 22nd The town of Monte Carlo was reinstated as a racing circuit on May 22nd for the first time since 1952, and the meeting was given the title of the European Grand Prix. More important, however, was the fact that the Grand Prix of Monaco was the second round in the World Championship, and the first in Europe for 1955. The...

Page 14 of August 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, August 1955

1955 British Grand Prix race report - Moss has his chance

  For the first time since 1948, the British Grand Prix did not take place among the green fields of Buckinghamshire but instead was organised in the industrial north-west of England, on the Aintree circuit just outside the port of Liverpool. With the postponement of the French Grand Prix, the various teams had almost a clear month in which to prepare for the British round of the World...

Page 84 of July 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 84, July 2003

Silver polish

Michael Schumacher wasn't the first German GP star to make his name in a Mercedes sportscar. Hartmut Lehbrink reviews Wolfgang von Trips' early career The president of the Cologne Porsche Club, Dr Hanswilly Bemartz, addressed his letter to the omnipotent Mercedes team manager, Alfred Neubauer. It was dated January 5, 1955. In it he pointed out that "his charge" had just become German champion in...

Page 26 of June 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, June 1955

Continental Notes

The recent recent experience of being part of the fabulous Mercédès-Benz team for the Mille Miglia carried with it experiences almost beyond the wildest imagination, from the sound of Herr Neubauer's voice morning after morning telling us it was 5 a.m. and to be ready to leave on a practice lap of Italy, to being allowed into the very heart of the Daimler-Benz racing department. When due to test...

Page 13 of September 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, September 1955

Continental Notes

At the recent Lisbon meeting there was a race which, though dominated by Porsche Spyders, contained some interesting locally-built "specials." Portugal is a remote country, isolated from the centre of motor-racing by the vast open spaces of Spain, so a close look round some of the amateur ideas about building sports cars for competition was most interesting. Many of them had strange personal...

Page 11 of May 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, May 1998

From our Archives - Air Spoilers: Are we back to square one?

At Le Mans in 1952, during the practice sessions Daimler-Benz tried an air brake on a 309SL coupe. This consisted of a metal flap mounted above the roof and hinged to move through 90 degrees. It was operated by a foot pedal through the horizontal position. It was never seen in a race, nor again that year, but it had obviously provided the Daimler-Benz engineers with some useful data. When the...

Page 26 of July 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, July 1962

Continental notes

These pages, as the name implies, usually refer to happenings on the Continent of Europe or such things as affect the Continent, but last month it was more than worthwhile to visit England in order to gather some Continental knowledge. At Motor Show time the Guild of Motoring Writers organise a day at Goodwood at which journalists may drive all the latest models round the circuit, but it has...

Page 24 of March 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, March 1966

Air Spoilers

Are We Back To Square One ? At Le Mans in 1952, during the practice sessions, the Daimler-Benz concern tried out an air brake on a 300SL coupe. This consisted of a metal flap like an aeroplane wing mounted above the roof and hinged to move through 90 degrees. It was operated by an extra foot pedal in the cockpit through levers and cranks, and when not in use a hand lever locked it in the...


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