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Page 62 of July 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, July 2006

Track visit: Le Mans 1906

It’s 100 years since the first grand prix was held, on the roads near Le Mans, in 1906. It was won by a Renault, so we just had to drive the course in a Clio V6 To paraphrase Pete Townshend, this straight goes on for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles. Fifteen minutes away from here is the legendary Ligne Droite des Hunaudières, and you laugh when you consider that, for 1991, they had...

Page 74 of July 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, July 2003

Forward thinker

Back in 1903 Walter Christie was a determined pioneer of front-wheel-drive — which he called 'direct action'. But his real legacy lies elsewhere. By Phil Llewellin There is, believe it or not, a direct link between grand prix racing's biggest-ever engine, a 19th-century battleship and what most military historians agree to be WWII's best all-round tank. The connection is a brave, innovative...

Page 46 of January 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, January 1971

"Automobile Design: Great Designers And Their Work."

"Automobile Design: Great Designers And Their Work." Edited by Ronald Barker and Anthony Harding. 374 pp. 10 in. x 6 1/4 in. (David & Charles, South Devon House, Newton Abbot, Devon. £4 4s.) At first this weighty tome seems to cover an odd selection of designers, because engineers of the calibre of Sir Henry Royce, Laurence Pomeroy, Georges Roesch, Louis Coatalen, Ernest Henry, Ettore Bugatti...

Page 16 of October 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, October 1999

Our biggest blunders

Sir, With regards to the 'Greatest Grand Prix drivers of all time' series, the story has exceptional entertainment value because for years I kept a similar list. Unfortunately, your ranking is too opinionated. The story conveys the impression that you not only judge performances in Grandes Epreuves but also look at minor Grands Prix and voiturette events and that would be wrong: There is no clear...

Page 84 of September 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 84, September 1999

The Greatest drivers of the century - a personal view

Part three of Mark Hughes' examination of the hundred greatest Grand Prix drivers from a century of motor racing features no fewer than ten of the twenty-seven Formula One World Champions and a smattering of pre-war stars with a string of achievements no less impressive. Part 3 (60-41) The story so far: 100 - Hans stuck Snr 99 - Rubens Barrichello 98 - Philippe Etancelin 97 - Albert Clement 96 -...

Page 61 of July 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, July 1987

Lancia Racing

by Nigel Trow (Osprey, £19.50) Although its title suggests a concern only with the track, Nigel Trow's book actually embraces all official Lancia competition forays from early road-races, through the glorious but ultimately tragic early Fifties, and up to another disastrous end to a great era, Henri Toivonen's death and the banning of the rally supercars. Indeed, the text goes further back than...

Page 95 of April 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 95, April 1999

Team Managers - Enzo Ferrari

Long before he made his own cars, Enzo Ferrari made his name as a manager looking after Alfa Romeo's GP team. Mark Hughes reports. What happened in the 1930 Mille Miglia is the stuff of legend. The greatest drivers of the day, Tazio Nuvolari and Achille Varzi, were in their resolve even more intense than usual, for these warriors were driving identical works Alfas and knew this was as close to a...

Page 72 of August 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, August 1999

The greatest drivers of the century - a personal view

Welcome to part two of Mark Hughes' assessment of the top 100 greatest racing drivers of all time. On the following pages you will discover the winners of seven World Championships, two current Formula One drivers and two or three whose names you may not even recognise. Part 2 (80-61) The story so far: 100 - Hans stuck Snr 99 - Rubens Barrichello 98 - Philippe Etancelin 97 - Albert Clement 96 -...

Page 38 of October 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, October 1999

Track test: Monza

Our second series of track tests starts with the grand-father of Grand Prix racing. Andrew Frankel heads to Italy and discovers all is not well at Monza. Monza. No word in racing has a more bitter-sweet taste. Monza. The oldest Grand Prix circuit of all, faster than Spa, more lethal than the Nurburgring. Above all, it's a place of contradiction. Go there and the ghosts come at you in a way I have...

Page 62 of April 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, April 1964

Letters from Readers

N.B.—Opinions expressed are those of our Correspondents and "Motor Sport" does not necessarily associate itself with them.—Ed. Rover's Reply Sir, My attention has been drawn to the Editorial of the February issue. As you pointed out, we were of course mistaken in claiming that for the first time in history a motor magazine has elected "The Car of the Year," and I enclose a revised copy of our...



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Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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