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Motorcycles: November 2018

Motorcycling hero Kevin Schwantz won his only world title 25 years ago. Only recently did he reveal how he did it depsite serious injury Kevin Schwantz is one of motorcycle Grand Prix racing’s all-time greats, even though he won only a single world championship. Fans adored the Texan for his win-it-or-bin-it attitude – second place was never an option. He almost certainly would have won more...

Page 50 of November 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, November 2014

Mat Oxley

“It was dangerous but great” Lately there has been much talk about safety in MotoGP. Even before Andrea Iannone’s Ducati reached 224mph during June’s Italian Grand Prix, the people in charge had decided bikes must be slowed down. In the old days the safety focus was elsewhere – on the tracks. During the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s, one by one the grand old tracks of old were deemed unsafe for...

Page 54 of September 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, September 2014

Mat Oxley

‘Steady’ Eddie Riders from the United States of America won all but three of the 16 500cc world championships between 1978 and 1993. The best known of those champions are Kenny Roberts, who blazed the American trail in Europe during the 1970s, the otherworldly talented Freddie Spencer, who succeeded King Kenny in the 1980s, and Kevin Schwantz, the wild-riding, crowd-pleasing Texan winner of the...

Page 116 of February 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 116, February 2014

All arms and elbows

Marc Márquez rewrote the rules of MotoGP technique last season and, in so doing, became the youngest premier-class champ in the sport’s history. What drives Spain’s latest bike-racing phenomenon?Writer Mat Oxley You are at the circus to witness the world’s greatest high-wire artists do their thing. You can barely see the wire, one hundred feet above you, and there’s no safety net. The lights go...

Page 131 of June 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 131, June 2012

The fast stuff

Twenty years of top bike racing tales from the world's maddest motorsportMat Oxley This collection of memories, interviews and experiences – first published in 2008 – is a feast of biking stories on characters such as Wayne Rainey and Valentino Rossi. Our columnist, who won the 250cc production TT in 1985, has been writing about bikes and bikers for over 20 years and has gathered together a...

Page 37 of April 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, April 2013

King Kenny's Tales

By Mat Oxley It would be wrong to publish a tribute to Barry Sheene without talking some more about King Kenny Roberts. The careers of the Cockney and the Californian were inextricably entwined during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Roberts was a maverick racer, afraid of no one and unafraid of informing anyone of that fact. Over the years he has been a US dirt track champion, a world road-racing...

Page 37 of October 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, October 2012

Out of the darkness

You are about to sit down and eat, I suggest that you skip this page and come back to it later. Twenty years ago this month Mick Doohan embarked on what would become the greatest comeback from injury in bike racing history. The Australian went from being within hours of having a leg amputated to winning five consecutive premier-class world titles. Doohan was running off with the 1992 500 World...

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The class motor racing circuits of Europeby David Venables How fitting that a sport as prone to selfmythologising as motor racing should have found its nascent expression on the European continent. Its landscapes and cultures have enriched us with Norse sagas, chivalric romances, Greek gods, the Niebelungen and Parsifal, but they have also given us the legends of Fangio in the shadows of Schloss...

Page 33 of May 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, May 2011

Mat Oxley

Advance Australia I've recently been visiting a few Aussie bike racing legends Down Under Mick Doohan, Casey Stoner Wayne Gardner and Jack Ahearn. This part of the world has always punched above its weight in motorcycle racing. During the past 25 years the country has produced three World Champions in the premier category (Doohan, Stoner and Gardner), the same number as Italy and Spain combined (...

Page 41 of December 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, December 2011

From cowboy to king

There’s only one motorcycle racer who gets called ‘King’. Not the sport’s most successful racer Giacomo Agostini, nor its favourite darling Valentino Rossi. Motorcycling’s only sovereign racer is King Kenny Roberts, the Californian cowboy who changed Grand Prix racing forever when he hit Europe in the late 1970s. Roberts – who was a proper cowboy, training Tennessee Walkers – transformed road...



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