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Page 18 of January 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, January 1967

Vintage Postbag

Twin o.h.c. Sir, May I be allowed to correct Mr. Anthony Blight's totally erroneous remark that " in 1930 twin overhead camshafts were a barbaric necessity . . . and wholly unsuitable for commercial production." Three cars come immediately to mind which used twin overhead camshafts in this period and which could certainly not be described as " mechanical abortions "; the " 1750 " Alfa Romeo, the...

Page 62 of May 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, May 1984


Personal disappointment relates to not having been sufficiently industrious in youth, to have studied things like workshop practice and simple welding etc, so that I could have worked on my cars and perhaps even built a special, and God not having endowed me with the qualities required for being a top-line racing driver… Thinking in terms of the many disappointments that have involved those who...

Page 7 of January 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, January 1964

Matters of moment

ROLLS-ROYCE: AN EXPLANATION Some of our more red-white-and-blue readers have cast aspersions on our patriotism, because we have repeatedly named Another Make as being, in our view, the present Best Car in the World. So it becomes a matter of some moment to offer an explanation, and what better time, with Motor Sport embarking on another brave New Year? Before the war and up to the outbreak of...

Page 46 of June 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, June 1933


HIGH SPEEDS AT LEWES R. G. J. Nash (Nash Special) makes fastest time. Good runs by J. V. Bolster (Bolster Special) and J. C. Davis (Delage). THE Speed Trials held on the Race Hill, Lewes, by the Kent and Sussex Light Car Club are always popular with sporting motorists. For one thing any owner of a normal sports car can enter with a chance of success in his class ; but the greatest cause of the...

Page 49 of April 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, April 1933


AND AT GOPSALL PARK As if to demonstrate just how speed trials should be run, the event organised by the Cambridge Automobile Club at Gopsall Park was well up to schedule throughout the day. The course was half a mile in length, with a poor surface of sandy gravel, slightly uphill, with two gradual curves. After a rainy dawn the weather steadily improved, and later the sun came out to help make...

Page 61 of May 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, May 1978

The Brooklands Riley

Sir, The March issue of your always enjoyable magazine, which I have read without missing a single copy since 1927, brought an added bonus in the guise of four pages devoted to "the Brooklands Speed Model Riley Nine", a 1928 March IV version of which I owned for two to three years about 1931-33. This car, registration number PG 472, was purchased from Jack Bartlett of Pembridge Villas who had...

Page 51 of May 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, May 1992

Brush or camera?

The camera can lie. But I rate it more dependable when researching motoring history than an artist's impression. It is true that DSJ and I once puzzled over a photograph which showed two identical 2 1/2-litre Maseratis taking the Fork corner at Brooklands. We knew only of Whitney Straight's car of that type. Years later I discovered that some joker at Speed had superimposed two prints of the...

Page 35 of September 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, September 1936


FAST TIMES IN THE COPPA ACERB° AUTO-UNION. EASY VICTORY ROSEMEYER WI NS BIG RACE FOR FOR SEAMAN IN 1,500 c.c. RACE The Coppa Acerbo races are held annually on the Pescara circuit, and always have an international character. The circuit is roughly triangular in shape, with two fast legs and the third composed of frequent corners and hairpin bends. On one of the straights there is a timed kilometre...

Page 21 of August 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, August 1984

Brooklands Society Reunion

With the continuing uncertainty over the future of Brooklands, the words "Prohibited Area" hung heavily over the 17th Annual Reunion in July. Most of the activity centred on the post-war runway in the middle of the complex, with access being denied, during building operations at least, to any of the Members Banking, Clubhouse area, or Finishing Straight. Some of the Byfleet Banking was however...

Page 13 of May 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, May 1947

The Reminiscences of Reggie Tongue

A most absorbing account, by the well-known racing driver, of the cars which have served him both in races and on the road. My first real, interest in motor cars began at a time when my father used to recount stories to me of the Bentley Boys at Le Mans. A time when British motor racing was supreme. How I admired, as a boy, the stories of Birkin, Sammy Davis, Woolf Barnato, Benjafield, Duller,...



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