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Page 37 of January 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, January 1982


TASMAN RACES Date / Race and Distance / Location / First / Second / Third / Winner's Speed k.p.h Jan. 10, New Zealand GP, Pukekohe, D McMillan (Ralt RT1), D. Oxton (Ralt R14), J. Smith (March 778), -Jan. 24, Lady Wigram Trophy, Christchurch, D. Oxton (Ralt RT4), S. Millen (Ralt RT1), D. McMillan (Ralt RT1), - FORMULA TWO RACES (for European Championship) Date / Race and Distance / Location /...

Page 53 of April 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, April 1961

Winter Racing

The past winter months saw a great deal of racing in the Southern Hemisphere and not having a reporter covering these events we have not published any news on the activities, but for the record a summary of results is appended. There was a large exodus of cars and drivers from Great Britain, including Graham Hill and Gurney with 1960 B.R.M. 2½-litre cars, Ireland, Clarke and Surtees with 1960...

Page 22 of March 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, March 1969

Tasman Championship

This year the Tasman series was held over four races in New Zealand and three in Australia, all except one being of about 100 miles in length, the odd one out being the 75-mile Levin race. The Tasman organisers still insist on running their races to a 2½-litre engine capacity limit, but in spite of this a few European racing-car builders are prepared to build special engines for this obsolete...

Page 35 of November 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, November 1982


MOTOR SHOW 82 It used to be the case that the launching of a new model actually took place on the manufacturer's stand at one of the important Motor Shows. Today. not only have those in the trade already seen, and sometimes driven, the supposedly secret product, but the general public too will have been fed more-or-less unofficial leakages, together with grainy photographs of prototypes in...

Page 80 of February 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, February 2009

Lunch with... David Piper

He is the farmer turned privateer racer who spent years touring Europe, and winning in a succession of great sports cars. Today 'Piper green' Ferraris still grace historic events In motor sport these days, the term ‘privateer’ has fallen into disuse. Outside the professional teams, most serious racers either have access to much personal wealth – their own or somebody else’s – or a commercial...

Page 14 of March 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, March 1967

New Zealand Races -- Tasman Formula

Results: New Zealand Grand Prix, Pukehohe, January 7th -- 57 laps, 100 miles. 1st: J. Stewart (B.R.M. 2.1-litre) -- 162.49 k.p.h. 2nd: J. Clark (Lotus-Climax 2-litre). 3rd: R. Attwood (B.R.M. 2.1-litre). 4th: J. Palmer (Brabham-Climax 2.5-litre). 5th: G. Lawrence (Brabham-Ford 1.5-litre). 6th: J. Boyd (Brabham-Climax 2.5-litre). *** Levin Grand Prix, Levin, January 14th -- 43 laps,...

Page 18 of March 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, March 1962

Winter racing

SOUTH AFRICA The South African season of International races, held in December and January, had a small number of European contestants doing the "tour" of four events. The races were limited to 1,500-c.c. cars so can count as Formula One events, except that whereas the F.I.A. Formula puts a bottom limit of 1,300 c.c. the South African races allowed Formula Junior cars to participate. RAND G.P.—...

Page 17 of March 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, March 1959

Hot VWs

Following the article we published last January on an M.A.G.-supercharged Volkswagen, we have received many enquiries, while details of other "souped-up"  VWs have been coming at us thick and fast! Before we discuss some of the claims made, it is ironical to note that, whereas formerly we were often accused of bias in favour of the German beetle, we had only to remark, when introducing the M.A.G...

Page 77 of May 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 77, May 2000

Ron Flockhart

...the best sports car driver on the planet" He drove everything from D Types to Connaughts with a rare passion; Robert Edwards tells the story of a man good enough to win Le Mans, but doomed by an off-track obsession I have noted before that it is our habit to forget all too easily those people whose impact on this sport was, in their time, much more important than we are prone to recollect it...

Page 101 of February 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 101, February 2009

Portrait of the artist as a racing driver

For 50 years Leslie Marr has been best known as a painter. But before that he bought himself a Connaught and went racing By Paul Fearnley Nursing a bruised face – and a consoling beer – while standing in the raised bucket of a mechanical digger on the outskirts of New Zealand’s southernmost city is an unusual way to conclude a motor racing career, but Leslie Lynn Marr has rarely taken the obvious...



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