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Page 50 of October 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, October 2014

Historic racing news

Welch tragedy mars Classic Accident claims well-known historic racer | By Paul Lawrence A tragic accident took the life of Denis Welch at the Silverstone Classic – the first fatality in the annual event’s 24-year history. Welch was racing the ex-Syd van der Vyver Lotus 18, a former South African F1 title winner now owned by Malcolm Ricketts, in the second of the weekend’s Historic Grand Prix Car...

Page 66 of May 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, May 1992


Driving Forces, by Alan Henry. Patrick Stephens Ltd, £14.99. This book is well written and researched, as one expects from this meticulous author. Having said that, it's really a pot-boiler, isn't it Alan? Intended to cover "50 men who shaped the world of motor racing", one feels that although all those included did so to a greater or lesser degree there are some odd omissions, so that either...

Page 19 of April 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, April 1986

Matters of moment

5,000,000 Minis There was a party at Longbridge the other day, to celebrate the five-millionth Mini, which we were unable to attend. No regrets, as we do not like champagne or Noel Edmonds, and would have seen no point In proving that 53 persons can get into, or on, a Mini. However, the continued production of Sir Alec lssigonis's brilliant concept puts the British Motor Industry into some sort...

Page 93 of March 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 93, March 2001

Jaguar - a leap too far?

Jaguar entered F1 in 2000 with great optimism, the cars presented with a lavish release at Lords. If a podium success was not expected in the first F1 season, at least finishes were anticipated. Alas, it has been described as a year of horrors. It is noticeable that this year's Jaguar R2 was launched at a far lower key, and it was cautiously explained that Ford's £85-million goal will take time...

Page 29 of May 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, May 1975

Jaguar E-type The end of production and end of an era - but not of a legend.

Jaguar E-type The end of production and end of an era— but not of a legend. SHADES OF TODAY, in March 1961 the British Motor Industry was suffering a slump, but petrol cost about 5s. a gallon, there were no overall speed limits and motorists could use Britain's fastexpanding new motorway system for the highspeed commuting purpose for which it was designed. The motorist of 1961, not yet persteuted...


January 2020
Racing Rivalries: The 25 most explosive battles between drivers, teams, cars... and families.



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