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Page 66 of April 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, April 1979


When Jaguar Cars stopped making the E-type they ended the run with a batch of fifty Series III V12 cars, the last of which the firm kept for their own publicity purposes. The forty-ninth of the series was sold to a private Jaguar enthusiast and was painted green, while all the rest of the batch were painted black. Each car had a small brass plate on the instrument panel, giving the car details...

Page 90 of August 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, August 2014

Norman's conquest

The D-type didn’t win many races in period, but fared spectacularly well in those that most mattered. Sixty years on from the car’s first test, Motor Sport joins Jaguar development driver Norman Dewis at the helm By Andrew Frankel  The dark green prototype has been lapping the handling circuit at the Motor Industry Research Association proving ground for a while now, the distinctive bark of its 3...

Page 18 of April 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, April 1966

The Jaguar E-type 2+2

The Jaguar E-type ranks as one of the greatest cars of all time and an extremely valuable British export commodity. Some owners find themselves in need of enough space to carry their children or to give an occasional lift to a second passenger, and for this reason, and to increase its dollar-earning capacity, a longer-wheelbase 2+2 coupe version was put in hand, the floor re-formed to enable a...

Page 29 of February 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, February 1962

My Year's Motoring

The Editor Looks Back on the Cars he Drove in 1961 ANOTHER busy year is over and it is time to take out my diary and recall the pros and cons, the merits and shortcomings, of the cars I road-tested for MOTOR SPORT during 1961. It was a year during which I covered 18,930 miles on these test runs, 15,000 further miles in staff and personal vehicles, was a passenger for considerable mileages in...

Page 61 of June 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, June 1967


Some thoughts about choosing new editorial transport Deciding which new car to have, even when you are not paying for it yourself, is a problem. The best way of tackling it is to draw up a short-list of possibles, and then eliminate them one by one, until only the most desirable or practical remains. The choice is difficult even then, but I suppose we should be thankful that the variety is so...

Page 102 of July 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 102, July 2010

What would Sir William think?

The new XJ fulfils the Lyons ethos of a luxury saloon, but he might question the industry’s progressBy Andrew Frankel It is self-evident that cars get better. I become mildly exercised when I read proclamations that any new car is the best its manufacturer has yet produced because to me the only thing worth reading in this regard would be if it were not. That’s progress. Sometimes, however,...

Page 30 of December 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, December 1957


The Guild at Goodwood This year's Test Day at Goodwood circuit, organised for the edification of its members and foreign guests by the Guild of Motoring Writers, was an unqualified success. A great variety of British-built cars was available for the journalists to fling round the course for three uninhibited laps and many famous personalities in the overseas motoring journalistic firmament, some...

Page 52 of September 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, September 2001

Fast dance saloons

Top event at Goodwood's Revival will be the St Mary's Trophy.David Malsher assesses the chances of the race's two main stars Give me Goodwood on a summer's afternoon and you can keep the rest of the world," said Roy Salvadori. Perhaps the unspoken part of this was, "And the icing on the cake would be a Jag MkI to thrash around." Well, the very MkI he made famous is set to thrill crowds all over...

Page 66 of May 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, May 1992


Driving Forces, by Alan Henry. Patrick Stephens Ltd, £14.99. This book is well written and researched, as one expects from this meticulous author. Having said that, it's really a pot-boiler, isn't it Alan? Intended to cover "50 men who shaped the world of motor racing", one feels that although all those included did so to a greater or lesser degree there are some odd omissions, so that either...

Page 69 of November 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 69, November 2003

X-ray spec: Jaguar XJ13

Starved of support, XJ13's potential stayed hidden for years. Keith Howard talks with the man who tested it against its main rival, and still rates it As many have discovered, recapturing past glories in motorsport is no cakewalk. The relentless pace of technological progress is such that that just a few years off the treadmill can put you hopelessly behind the game. One marque to have pulled it...



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