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Page 61 of November 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, November 1988

Veteran to classic

Kimber's Singers Cecil Kimber, as we all know, was the creator of the MG. But from where did he get the inspiration for his world-famous sports-cars? His first car (after a motorcycle accident damaged him considerably but gave him, through compensation money, the where-withal to take to four wheels) was a Singer Ten, that four-cylinder light-car with its gearbox in its back axle. That was...

Page 36 of December 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, December 1978

Books for Christmas

Bugatti -- An Illustrated History of the Cars from Molsheim by Hugh Conway and Jacques Greilsamer. 280 pp. 9-1/2" x 12-1/2".   Editions Modelisme, 94, Boulevard de Sebastopol, 75003, Paris, France.  260.00 French francs. This is the Christmas browsing-book par excellence and perusal of its lavish and magnificently-illustrated pages makes one wonder why anyone who can afford to purchase, maintain...

Page 36 of January 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, January 1975

Books for the New Year

"The Indy 500—An American Institution Under Fire" by Ron Dorson. 229 pp. 9¼ in. x 6 in. (Bond Parkhurst Books, Newport Beach, California. 9.95 dollars). An ususual book this, which takes a hard look at the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, that remarkable Memorial Day institution that attracts enormous crowds and some 10,000,000 dollars to the American town of Indianapolis during the month of May each...

Page 25 of November 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, November 1962

Book Reviews

"Move Over!" by Russell Brockbank. 64 pp. 9-7/8 in. x 7-1/3 in. (Temple Press Books, Bowling Green Lane, London, E.C.1. 10s. 6d.) This is the fifth of the inimitable Brockbank's books of motoring cartoons, of which his first and third ("Round the Bend" and "Over the Line") have gone into second impressions and his second ("Up The Straight") into five impressions. The cartoons, with one exception...

Page 88 of December 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 88, December 1983

A Vintage MG Treat

A Vintage MG Treat WE have become accustomed to the MGCC's "Triple-M Year Book" being a rare treat for all those who are interested in MG history and the 1983 edition, just available, is no exception. The anticipation starts on the front cover, with a big picture of the Evans' single-seater Q-type MG Midget being wheeled out for a race at Brooklands, "Wilkie" in attendance and Kenneth Evans...

Page 9 of March 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, March 1964

Matters of Moment

CONGRATULATIONS ... . . . . to Paddy Hopkirk and Henry Liddon on their splendid outright victory in the Monte Carlo Rally, endorsing all MOTOR SPORT has said in the past about the merits of the front-drive, rubber-sprung small cars built by the British Motor Corporation. That the little Mini-Cooper S beat even the mighty Ford Falcon Sprints, on which American Ford had staked so much, was sweet...

Page 48 of February 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, February 1960

Fragments on Forgotten Makes No. 11 : The A.V.

The A.V., which was in production at Teddington from 1919 to 1924, was a cyclecar pure and simple. Ward & Avey Ltd. bought the design from John Carden, who had evolved it before the war but who was obsessed with his £100 two-stroke cyclecar on returning to "civvy street." Production of this sporting-looking single-seater or monocar commenced in 1919 at a substantial factory in Somerset Road,...

Page 57 of February 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, February 1978

Road impressions - The Six-cylinder BMW 320

Most motor manufacturers indulge in cosmetic face lifts to revise models, a policy which often goes down like a lead balloon on second-hand markets. With the new "little-six" 320, BMW have reversed the trend, to put a completely new heart into an existing body. A straight-sixcylinder engine of 1,990 c.c., with a single overhead camshaft has replaced the faithful four-cylinder engine of identical...

Page 68 of October 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, October 1997

A tale of Road-Testing

Road testing cars today is a science executed with millimetric accuracy. But, as he looks back over 60 years of testing, our founder editor reveals that it was not always such a precise art Long before I joined MOTOR SPORT, the motor journals were hard at work publishing impressions of new cars. Not so hard at it as is now the case, however. Before the First World War these would be quite brief....

Page 48 of May 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, May 1977

Book reviews

"Its First Gear: The French Automobile Industry to 1914" by James M. Laux. (Liverpool University Press. £10.) On the jacket of his book, and again on the flyleaf, Mr. Laux displays a "selection of French automobile marques taken from designs shown in the original manufacturer's catalogues" and "reproduced with the assistance of the Veteran Car Club of Great Britain, and the Club lot Teuf-Teuf,...



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