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Page 67 of June 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 67, June 1986

Rally Review - Corsica

Tragedy repeated in Corsica For the second year in succession tragedy has struck the Lancia team whilst competing in the Tour of Corsica. Last year Italian driver Attilio Bettega was killed when his Lancia Rally ditched and hit a tree. This year popular Finnish driver Henri Toivonen and his American-born Italian co-driver Sergio Cresto both died in a terrible accident when their Lancia Delta S4...

Page 38 of November 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, November 1989

Rally review: Cyprus Rally

Shadow Play Some twenty years ago a group of enthusiasts in Cyprus, some of them Cypriot and some members of the British military (BAMA and RAFMSA) got together and convinced the Cyprus AA that an international rally should be held on the island. They also convinced a tobacco company that the project was highly deserving of financial backing. The result, in 1970, was the first Rothmans Cyprus...

Page 40 of June 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, June 1992

Didier's strong quartet

If you wish to observe clearly the dissimilarity between two things which are quite different, the best way is to place them side by side so that their differences become more pronounced. Show a peach to an Eskimo and then show him an apple and he may think they are the same fruit, but show them to him together and he will realise that they are not. The contrasting inherent characters of rallies...

Page 42 of June 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, June 1993

Revenge is sweet

Whilst the Safari was rough, dusty and not very well supported by works teams, the Tour of Corsica was the opposite. The tortuous, undulating ribbons of narrow tarmac on this mountainous island attracted four major teams and two others which were using two-wheel-drive cars. Whilst not rough by any standards, Corsican tarmac can be very abrasive, and the main feature of this event was the...

Page 52 of June 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, June 1990

Tour of Corsica

After the rain and mud of the Safari came a sharp contrast in Corsica where the narrow, tortuous mountain roads are all on tarmac, and winning margins are usually just a few seconds rather than the minutes and even hours of Kenya. However, in mid-May fine weather cannot be guaranteed in the Mediterranean, and the roads can vary from dry and very abrasive to wet, slippery and sometimes strewn with...

Page 34 of December 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, December 1988

Rally review: Sanremo Rally

The All-Italian Job Michael Caine and Co will no doubt forgive us the comment that The Italian Job was a curious name for a film depicting British Minis and British characters, even if all the action did take place in Italy. Actually, the title was succinctly apt and we can do no better than to borrow and adapt it for this tale of a real triumphant Italian job. The Italians have always been...

Page 41 of June 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, June 1991

Rally Review -- Tour of Corsica

Sainz on Corse Almost since the need to drive fast began to be an essential part of rallying, those responsible for preparing cars have had two major objectives; speed and reliability. Most other claims on the attention of car builders, for example, handling, flexibility and the need to have components fitted in such a way that they can be replaced quickly at the roadside, evolve from one of...

Page 6 of March 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, March 1991

Rally Review -- Monte Carlo Rally 1991

The fortunes of British teams in world class rallying have been pretty impoverished since the fruitful days of the Ford Escort RS. British teams using British cars, that is. First Peugeot began monopolising victory rostrums, then Lancia, and it was not until Toyota began to notch up wins that the Italian team had any opposition at all. Then came other Japanese teams, but there was a distinct...


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