This watch contains a piece of the Bentley Blower

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Carry a piece of the record-breaking Bentley Blower’s piston on your wrist

Christopher Ward C8 Birkin's Blower watchThe gargantuan Bentley Blower is famous for breaking the speed record on the outer ring of Brooklands at the hands of Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin.

A supercharged version of the 4.5-litre Bentley, Birkin’s Blower gained immortality when it reached 137.96mph at the testing ground in 1932, and now Christopher Ward has created a watch containing a piece of the car’s piston.

Just 90 of the C8 Birkin’s Blower TMB Limited Edition will be made, and is available to pre-order for early October for £2495 – a price tag that pales in comparison to the £5,042,000 that the Blower fetched at auction in 2012.


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